Apple again sells contract-free, carrier-locked US iPhones



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    Originally Posted by mosqueda View Post

    So you can buy the phone. It will be locked for use with AT&T and then AT&T will require a 2 year contract. "

    Locked yes. Contract no. These are full price, no ATT subsidy. The whole gig with a contract is that ATT has to recover what they paid on a device. Same reason for an ETF. But you brought the phone fully paid to them. So no money to recover, no contract. Any ATT rep that tries to tell you otherwise is full of crap and probably trying to get a higher commission.

    Originally Posted by bartfat View Post

    Wait, so if you were a consistently loyal customer that bought iPhones at full price just before they introduced the new models for the coming year for 10 years, then you wouldn't be eligible to buy any more iPhones unless you had a contract?

    it's 10 per year. They do that to try to cut back on resellers etc. Not that it works so great when you pay with cash so there's not credit card to trace and without an id someone could just give fake names.

    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Does it make any sense to get an iPhone with an AT&T contract but still jailbreak it to use with other sim cards when you travel overseas?

    if you don't have an issue with not being able to update when new carrier settings etc come out or you could brick your phone. and if it has a warranty issue like a dud battery not being able to get it fixed cause you voided the warranty by unlocking it.

    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Who are buying these phones at full price? The subsidized price + the prorated contract cancelation fee looks to be cheaper than the unsubsidized price.

    resellers and black market types that want to unlock and sell but are cut off by ATT's system. Once you have more than one family plan (which would be five phones) they charge huge per line deposits that are only refundable after at least 6 months. Or they simply refuse to activate any more lines. Depends on how many plans are currently active.

    Originally Posted by iMick View Post

    I'm wondering, since I don't have 3G where I live and work, can I buy the full-priced phone, and keep the contract that I have now, without having to pay the extra money for 3G,

    nope. ALL iphones will have the data plan. no exceptions. there's even something in all contracts stating you give them permission to add the data plan to your account if you switch to a phone that requires the plan and don't add it yourself.
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    Customer: "So I don't need to be a member of Club X to buy this product?"

    Salesman: "Nope. You can now buy it without a club membership with no strings attached!"

    Customer: "Wow, really? Does that mean I can buy it and use it at Club Y? I'm a member there and I think it would work really well, as well as suit my current lifestyle perfectly!"

    Salesman: "Oh no, I'm sorry. It still only works with Club X's machines."

    Customer: -_-

    Nice try, Apple.
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