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Hi everybody!

I am completely new here, and therefore pretty excited at the ideas and opinions are gonna come out from this forum!

I am going to buy soon a new MacBook Pro 15"... finally, I have been using my PowerBook G4 for almost 7 years now... and cant wait to go for the new one!!!

I have a couple of questions and I thought it was a good idea, before running and buying the most expensive one, to go somewhere and ask the user experience... or simply an opinion from a person that understands more than i do about computer.

I use Mac to make and play music... so i need to load quite few plugins and applications. plus, playing live with it, I need a machine that run smoothly whatever action I decide to do (in the limit of possible)

Now, what's the big difference among the three type of 15", obviously the HD speed... but is there any substantial difference among 2.53, 2.66 and 2.8?? (I know this is a question that only an ignorant would ask, but please be nice to me )even because except this, I hardly see any difference in the specs of the three types!

Another question is about the new generation MacBook pro... I have been reading around... and that's actually how I ended up here...

is this the one in the store now the new generation?? it seems, from what I have read that the new generation is about the monitor... is that it?

moreover, the new 10.7 is it really coming??is it worth waiting for it, or the present one is good enough?? I mean I am sure it's good enough... but I wouldnt like to buy a version and then having the need to upgrade for compatibility with new applications... I see that difficult to happen, since the 10.6 is compatible with everything I need at the moment, but just want to be sure!

Please consider that i am still a student, so if I buy one, I would really love to keep it for long... possibly another 7 years... like the one I have got now... which has a name and will not be thrown away once the new brother arrives... they will live together happily!

Thanks for the help!


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by luka View Post


    Thanks for the help!

    Slow down, Big Boy!

    If you have been using a PowerBook for seven years, then you know that Macs have balanced performance. If you are a benchmark geek, then go the GeekBench website to research the machines that you are considering. Run the benchmark on your current machine to have a basis of comparison.

    Each of the systems that you are considering is substantially faster than your PowerBook G4. Obviously, the faster, the better. However, the faster, the most expensive. My suggestion to you is to sit down and very soberly determine the maximum amount that you are willing to spend. Add 10% to this figure, buy the computer that meets this price, and then move on.

    As for MacOS X 10.7, get it out of your head. MacOS X 10.4 went to MacOS X 10.4.11. MacOS X 10.5 maxed-out at MacOS X 10.5.8. MacOS X 10.6 is currently at MacOS X 10.6.3. MacOS X 10.6 has a lot of life left. MacOS X 10.7 is a ways off.
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    Personally I like Apple MacBook Pro MB985LL/A very much.This is a seriously great machine.
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    lukaluka Posts: 3member
    Hey!Thanks for the answers.

    No, I am not a benchmark geek I just wanted to know what's the real difference between the models as the price varies quite substantially!

    Good to know that the 10.7 is not soon to be released...

    Honestly, I don't have a limit budget , I mean, I am working atm to buy this Mac, so it's more a matter of whether to wait one week or one month... but obviously if I have got to wait one month, I want to be sure that is worth it!

    Thanks "haveaniceday" for ur feedback on the machine! that's really appreciated!
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    Wait until the new ones come out. Then you can either get a new one, or get an existing one at a substantial discount.
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    lukaluka Posts: 3member

    and when s the new one coming out??any idea?
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