Greenpeace criticizes Apple for carbon footprint of iPad cloud



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    Why is everyone getting so worked up about greenpeace campaigning for the companies running data centers to get power from renewable sources. It's not an attack on the ipad it's recognising how the world will change becase of it and planning for that.

    Microsoft have a date center powered by hydropower so what there asking is perfectly possible. We keep hearing how apple have 40 billion in the bank so it's not like they can't affores to do the same thing.

    Greenpeace are just doing what there meant to do. Push people to build enviromentaly freiendly devices and push for innovation in these areas. The fact is things can get better it doesn't mean stopping progress it just means do progress in a sustainable way rather than the cheap way.
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    Originally Posted by paxman View Post

    Yes, but aren't they? They aren't 'targeting' the iPad per se. They are using the iPad as an example of increased cloud computing which makes sense. The iPad is high profile and so are using it to draw attention. I think that's pretty legit. They go out of their way to explain that they are not attacking Apple or any of the others, they are just raising awareness of the amount of energy used to run huge server farms.


    It may not always be what we want to hear but I don't get all this ferocious defensiveness.

    It's not legit, they are complete morons. they think that standalone machines to do the same tasks as a server cloud run on magic pixie dust and not electricity?
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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    Try discussing "I'm disgusted by the people who manipulate others into thinking that Carbon Dioxide is bad for the Earth or Humans." with a scientist (other than one looking for grants from oil or coal companies etc.). It is too silly to even respond to as the subject is so vast. I was at a lecture a few days ago given by Dr. Richard Komp, one of the world's leading experts on solar energy and his words were fresh in my mind when I read pmz's twaddle. I shouldn't have even responded, my bad.

    Its really not my problem that you've been propagandized to the point of total misinformation. This is how these things work. Pay a few people who appear to have some credibility to make some unprovable public comments, and suddenly rational people begin believing irrational things.

    Like, Carbon Dioxide as a deadly poison. It makes me laugh so hard (not really, it makes near-crazy at how stupid people can be).

    My favorite are the environmentalists that want to cut down the rainforest on a schedule, this way they won't die naturally and thus emit all of their carbon when they die....I'm not making this up, there are actual people who believe* this.

    *believe for the sake of misinforming and scamming others who don't know any better and trust you because you're a public figure.
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    Note to GreenPeace: Apple is running their new Data Center on Nuclear Power!
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    dble popst
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    Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post

    There are many groups that get my support. GREENPEACE is one of them. I even worked as a fundraiser for GREENPEACE a few years ago.

    To me such reports are short sighted. Having extremely capable machines like the iPad getting smaller and smaller is saving energy over the continued manufacturing of larger desk top computers. How much energy is saved by using an iPad instead of a 200-300 watt desktop? I'm sure it is plenty. The savings is in the amount of raw materials needed to make the computers, the energy used in construction and transportation to market, and in daily usage.

    Cloud computing is happening whether one uses a desktop or an iPad. The servers will be running no matter which device one is using, therefore; GREENPEACE should be encouraging people to use such devices as iPads instead of full size computers.

    Apple's large iMacs run very hot according to many users. Even if they are made in really environmental ways they still use energy. Perhaps GREENPEACE could switch its point of view on cloud computing and embrace it while promoting tiny computers for the masses. IPads do most of what ordinary users need in a tiny package. In a year they probably will do nearly everything to one degree or another.

    Cloud computing will eventually be considered a great innovation for conserving energy.

    Perhaps GREENPEACE should also do a report about cable TV usage. Those converter boxes all generate way to much heat and more people have those than computers.

    Good point except Green Peace has with a tiny budjet made some great crusades against the evil in this world.

    They add apple,s name and IPAD only because apple is big news and green peace will feed off of apples halo . HOW WILL APPLE POWER ITS SERVER FARMS >?>?

    Green Peace right now is trying to save the blue whale . I hope green peace keeps it up.

    APPLE is still not green enough ,40bn in the bank .

    lets go steve !!


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    Originally Posted by Rob55 View Post

    I just wish I could siphon off the electricity they waste, store it and run my house with it.

    No offense though, just wasn't sure how you meant it.

    I'll be implementing a global schedule for the A/V systems I administer so that they do pretty much the same as your PCs. BTW, what do you use to globally shut down your PCs?

    There are group policy settings you can implement if you're running Windows Server for the power management features. You can also get Microsoft SCCM for a more robust solution. Just having the monitors shut down with a GPO setting is a trivial step toward efficiency though, as they probably are running a version of Win Server and AD. The sutdown features for the machines can be done with a script and GP settings also. On campus the students are responsible for saving their documents, so shutting down the PC's after 11pm is not a big deal. Everything is ghosted to start fresh on reboot. Remember that these PC's also need to be able to WoL for your policy to be effective. When classes start you want to have the computers running already, so the NICs need to be WoL capable (although most are nowadays, you are already on LCD's so I assume your PCs aren't totally ancient.)

    Sorry for the late reply
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