POLL: Why did you buy an iPad?



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    1stmac1stmac Posts: 8member
    Originally Posted by dfiler View Post

    This poll is missing what are probably the top two iPad uses, web browsing and email.

    Magazines and ebooks as an option instead? Somebody has been paying too much attention to advertising hype.

    Agree! The iPad is the first carry-anywhere fully functional device for me. With it I get the range of productivity tools including Cal, etc. The only thing missing is the phone function, but for that I already have iPhone
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    cory bauercory bauer Posts: 1,286member
    "To use for general use by the TV" seems to describe how I use it best. It sits on my coffee table and I pick it up during commercial breaks, while waiting to get into an xBox Live match, or if I just want to look something up I saw on TV. I also take it with me when I'm away for the weekend and, with the camera connection kit I finally got, I'll be able to look at photos from my camera no a 10" screen before I get home.
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    Having never owned a laptop, my iPad was the perfect fit along with my iPhone 3G(soon to be upgraded to iPhone 4) for my personal mobile media needs.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,589member
    Originally Posted by byronlewis View Post

    My MacBook Pro can do all things which an iPad can do and so there was no reason to spend money for the same advantages. I'm interested in seeing what future updates bring.

    Right now for you the iPad would amount to a luxury item. Albeit on that's more comfortable for certain tasks than the MacBook Pro is.

    For a person who doesn't do much 'work' on their computer - not that the iPad can't do work - the iPad would mean "far more" to that person. Believe me, there are millions like this person. It would make their computer use more comfortable, casual, fast and simple.
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