Apple plans 5- to 7-inch $400 iPad for early 2011 - report



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    cu10cu10 Posts: 294member
    iPad Mini discussion. Looks like size and weight is an issue.
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    ivladivlad Posts: 742member
    I don't think this makes any sense. Apple already has iPod Touch, how are they gonna play that song?

    iPad is perfect size right now. What apple needs to be doing is moving iPhone OS into Macbook line.
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    Originally Posted by SSquirrel View Post

    I think the more likely thing is that Apple will revamp all their monitors within the next year so that they are touch capable. Isn't Samsung already doing that? I know someone was telling me the other day some major company was making their entire line of monitors touch capable.

    I don't think something that big being wall mounted and used largely with the touch interface makes much sense tho. I could see wall mounting an iPad and using it with some specialized apps to control your home. Maybe wall mount an iMac and use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control. As you walk in the room you could step up to it and get a movie or tv program started then sit down and use your remote for whatever. Touch only really makes sense when you are right there tho and not many people would be standing there like that for long.

    As long as it has:

    1. A Big Screen

    2. Wifi

    3. Ability to run the AirVideo App

    4. Remote control of some type (remote, iphone, whatever)

    Then I'm good. That's my dream TV right there.
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    icyfogicyfog Posts: 338member
    I would only want a smaller iPad if I could actually write on it and take notes. If not, I'm not interested in a smaller form factor.
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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    Yes, it's exactly like the smaller iPhone rumors* that have, and will lead nowhere. A smaller iPad, besides the resolution issues mentioned, still lacks the portability of an iPhone/iPod touch, but loses much of the advantage of the size of the iPad, like a reasonably sized keyboard, and providing a good size for reading, viewing web pages, etc.

    I don't see apple doing this.

    * if the word 'rumors' doesn't even give it too much credibility

    I don't see this happening either. I used the iPad for about three hours yesterday and I have to say the size is perfect. What I liked best about the size is the virtual keyboard was good size and was easy to use, I actually created an entire Keynote on one and didn't mind using a touch keyboard.

    I have to eat my words on this one, I didn't think ebook reading would be as good on the iPad but I was wrong it was so good at one point I forgot I was using an iPad because it felt and looked like I was reading a real book once I got into it. Just something like how the pages turn and the feel of the iPad honestly makes it feel like you have a real book in your hand. I would have to say it was the biggest surprise for me.

    The size and all the sensors in the touch screen make it really accurate more so then the Touch of iPhone.

    The iPad still has some limitations I would like to see changes or improved upon but the size isn't one of them.
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    finetunesfinetunes Posts: 2,065member
    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    it is if what he wanted was attention. you (and a couple others) gave it to him. you 'fed the troll' as the saying goes.

    It was N's first post and as of this moment N's only post. Whether the person is a troll or someone making a sick joke is yet to be determined.

    If N proves to be a troll, will as to my IL.
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    Originally Posted by Cranky View Post

    Go away troll!!

    I agree. Why make it any smaller when there is an iPhone?

    Also, the current size is only JUST perfect enough to type with 2 hands. and smaller and you would be cramped.

    This is just more market speculation like the Verizon iPhone and the smaller cheaper iPhone nano's they have been touting since the iPhone 3G.
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    john galtjohn galt Posts: 960member
    The moment we've all been waiting for... the mini-pad

    Soon to be followed by the webcam equipped, 128 GB "maxi-pad"

    Steve said the iPad has to do what it does better than any other product, including Apple's own. A smaller iPad would do nothing better. Why bother?

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    newbeenewbee Posts: 2,055member
    Originally Posted by NIZZARD View Post

    As big as my dick and just as portable.

    Don't feel bad. If that was all I had, I'd be a miserable bastard too ! \
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    Originally Posted by FineTunes View Post

    It was N's first post and as of this moment N's only post. Whether the person is a troll or someone making a sick joke is yet to be determined.

    If N proves to be a troll, will as to my IL.

    Your signature and talking about trolls will simply create more as times goes on. Same for anyone else that has a signature like yours. As you can see the more people creat these kinds of signatures and talk about trolls the more new ones come to the forum.

    A true troll is always going to be more determined and more creative then the people trying to stop them.
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    josh.b.josh.b. Posts: 353member
    Originally Posted by NewMacMan View Post

    There is no way they are going to do this. There is no reason to have a device between the iPhone and the current iPad.

    Well, from that perspective, there is no reason for the iPad either.

    A smaller iPad/bigger Touch would be great, IMO. Increased portability compared with the iPad, with more screen real estate than the Touch.

    It seems likely to me that a 5 or 7 inch form factor will be introduced by MANY other companies, and that Apple will want those sales for itself.

    Dell, for example, is rumored to be introducing a 5 inch tablet on ATT. Archos already makes 5 and 7 inch devices. Why would Apple ignore a viable market, given their already-established beachhead?
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    damn_its_hotdamn_its_hot Posts: 1,198member
    Originally Posted by NIZZARD View Post

    As big as my dick and just as portable.

    "Five to 7 inches?" - Would that be length, IQ, or Relative Age Maturity index?

    Its been quite a while since I heard this kind of lockeroom babbling.

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    josh.b.josh.b. Posts: 353member
    Originally Posted by iVlad View Post

    iPad is perfect size right now.

    What if they made a 7 inch device with a 16:9 screen?

    Would the picture be bigger than on an iPad while watching TV or movies? I haven't done the math.

    But if so, a smaller device with a bigger picture (or even the same sized picture) would be great for consuming video content.
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    josh.b.josh.b. Posts: 353member
    Originally Posted by john galt View Post

    The moment we've all been waiting for... the mini-pad

    Soon to be followed by the webcam equipped, 128 GB "maxi-pad"

    Good ones!
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    Seems to me there's a bright line between two kinds of portable electronic devices: those that fit in a pocket and those that don't.

    The ones that do fit into a pocket tend to do better than similar ones that don't - Palm Pilot vs. Newton, iPod vs. Nomad, DS vs. PSP, etc. (though it can't be forgotten that the smaller ones in those cases are also usually cheaper). Once it doesn't fit into your pocket, making it smaller can become more of a liability because you are then making sacrifices on things like screen size, legibility, manipulation, and battery life but it's still something that you need to carry in a bag. So you may as well make it a size large enough to clearly improve the user experience.

    For this reason, I don't see a slightly smaller iPad being likely. I think Apple probably made it as small as they thought it could be made while still delivering an improvement in utility over the pocketable devices.
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    I know, I know, it seems unlikely, especially days after the iPad comes out. That makes me hesitant to believe it. I mean, apple just placed a large bet that there exists a market segment between iphones and laptops. It seems a little premature to be betting that there's another segment between the current iPad and the iPhone/Touch.

    But, please remember:

    Lower-priced products have lower margins and higher-priced products generally have higher margins (note that the retail price is usually about 2x the teardown price). Nobody at apple would worry about cannibalizing iPod Touch margins with an iPad mini; the iPMini would make them more money, probably. Instead they would worry about cannibalizing the full sized ipad.

    The question is... does the market exist? Is it worth confusing the app store and the product line, and further fragmenting developers? One thing the WSJ has been saying in the last few days lately is that there will be BRAND and ECOSYSTEM loyalty because of all the apps people buy. You don't want to destroy that, just like Nikon will NEVER change their lens format. Backwards compatibility would be a must with either iphone or ipad or both.

    I would make one extra point: there are a lot of doctors out there, and an iPad doesn't fit in a lab coat pocket which is about 5". There could be a lot of lab coats and purses waiting for these minis.

    This rumor is merely that, because it's waaaayyy to early to be able to predict whether that market segment exists. But, you know it has been prototyped, and that it may some day happen.

    Dr. Ben
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    I would like for Apple to make a big 24" tablet that would be as powerful as a macbook pro, or be a remote interface for the top of the line mac pro. So, I could have a mac pro in one room running FCP and photoshop and whatever, and I'm sitting out in the garden with the big 24" touchscreen tablet that being served the gui. Basically you can pick up your macpro's screen off it's pedestal and go mobile within the wireless lan, and once you exit that network, this tablet is working off it's own processor.
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    kolchakkolchak Posts: 1,398member
    I agree that this makes no sense and would result in fragmentation of the product line. But then again, if other rumors are correct, fragmentation is coming anyway in the form of the so-called iPhone HD.
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    bregaladbregalad Posts: 816member
    Originally Posted by NewMacMan View Post

    There is no way they are going to do this. There is no reason to have a device between the iPhone and the current iPad.

    Despite the source being completely unreliable and it being a pain to develop for 3 different screen sizes I see an intermediate size device as a real possibility in the future.

    The iPad may be a great device, but it's too big to hold in one hand for any length of time.

    The iPhone is too small to use for reading text, especially web sites. It's really only useful for apps and mobile sites that are designed to use a readable font size.

    An iPod touch with a size in the middle would bring the real web to the palm of your hand and give Apple a second device for iBooks.

    Long before the iPad debuted I calculated that most adults could hold a device with a 7" screen in one hand, provided the screen ratio was 16:9. In order to reach a broader demographic the screen could be reduced to 6" diagonally and still offer 2.7 times as much display area as the iPhone.
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    [QUOTE=rui;1607655]Apple's native resolution for the iPad is HD's 1024-by-768-pixel.

    Since the apps are optimized for a fixed size, if they were to reduce the screen size, the same resolution would be the same and only the dot pix would change.

    I heard that Apple has found a way to squeez down the resolution to a smaller screen there by making it .... 3 D . Well couldn't they?
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