Potential component suppliers for Apple's fourth-gen iPhone named



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    The problem is, several million isn't several tens of million. It looks like Apple sells about 5x as many smart phones as Samsung does (1), so production volume may yet be an issue.

    1) http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...st-quarter.ars

    Who says a phone has to be classified as 'smart' to have an OLED screen? My Jet doesn't classify as 'smart' but it has one. When I said 'few', I was trying to be conservative, not having any links to hard data. I based it on a comment I came across that they had sold several million Jets in Germany alone.

    It appears they forecast sales of 10M OLED panels for 09' and are seriously ramping capcity. Given that so many Samsung Phone models for '10 have OLED screens, I think it would be a fair extrapolation that they will be selling a lot more OLED devices this year than in '09, so I would say OLED screens are being manufactured in significant volumes.

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