Adobe, Condé Nast scrambled to get Wired app on Apple's iPad



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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    What a wonderful post!

    The thing that makes Steve Jobs unique (and always has) is that he doesn't need Apple, its shareholders, Apple customers, or anyone. He can do what he wants, and is!


    Well thank you Mr. Applebaum! Without (hopefully!) pulling your "emotional-string" (re: your touching bio)... I do believe SJ and Apple are as close to the heart as you and Lucy. SJ will surely be leaving us before Apple this time around. I sincerely hope that his presence, spirit, and the respect that he deserves lives on in the heart of Apple, as your Lucy does in yours. I also hope that someone comes along to embody that drive, and do only half of what he has accomplished(!!!)

    Head's up and health to ya "Ol' Chap"... a lot of fun stuff to explore over the next 20 or more years!
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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    Which is why I said to use the print function of the original page creation app to get the PDF.

    The original page creation application (InDesign or something else) for page layout that uses embedded jpegs/tifs/whatever and they will still be jpegs/tifs/whatever in the PDF. And per the original article ad your original response, everything is simply a bunch of big images (not vectors).


    It is certainly not the case that every PDF is necessarily a container for one big bitmap, and therefore no better than a JPG, which is what your original reply to my post stated.

    However, if there is a bitmap or jpeg in the pdf then that portion of the pdf is still only jpeg/bitmap.

    If you have a jpeg opened in Photoshop and print to PDF, it is still simply a PDF with an embedded jpeg.


    The iPad has built in support for displaying PDFs

    What if the PDF has flash embedded?
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