Rumors of Verizon-compatible CDMA Apple iPad with 4G LTE return



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    elliots11elliots11 Posts: 270member
    I think, and I hope which is probably influencing this train of thought, that AT&T's new, worse data plan that applies to iPhone is a sign that they've been informed that their exclusivity is up. Maybe the iPad deal that's now cancelled was a sweetening of the pot to try to keep the exclusivity deal in place. Now the writing is on the wall.

    AT&T is a terrible company to their customers, I've had them before the iPhone and dropped them and only came back because the iPhone was so, so awesome and so beyond everything else out there. It's still the best, but not by nearly as much as it was a year or two ago, and if iPhone doesn't go to Verizon this year, I'm jumping ship anyway for an Android phone. AT&T has been unusually nice during the two years I've been with them. No surprise fees, no ridiculous bills. Now that they're acting in their usual fashion with this BS new data plan it looks like that's over, and it's probably because they've lost exclusivity, I'm 95% sure of it. The only question now is are they contractually in a position to screw their iPhone customers for a whole year or not?
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    I will give my Iphone and Ipad if it goes to Verizon, one of the worst 3g networks.

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