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    I noticed your number of posts always says 14. How do you do that?

    - Mark
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    philbotphilbot Posts: 240member
    DansG3... are you there?

    I see you worked with Time for a while.

    Give us a clue... you both work in Apple Store don't you?
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    philbotphilbot Posts: 240member
    [quote] Time,

    I noticed your number of posts always says 14. How do you do that?


    isn't it obvious?

    he travels through TIME
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Good job Time. Sorry I doubted you.
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member
    Wow, one of these guys was actually right. Well, my hats off to an honest person!
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    [quote]Originally posted by moki:


    Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

    But G5 hype aside (again -- don't expect it any time soon), the dual 1ghz model looks pretty sweet to me.

    Must keep finger away from the "buy" button... </strong><hr></blockquote>

    El presidente of AmbrosiaSW moki? Or am I mistaken. Anways, I am trying to keep my finger away from that button. But I don't think I will keep it away from the iMac purchace. Even though the Dual 1Ghz running on OSX sounds intoxicating. Imagine running Photohsop....

    <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    [quote]Originally posted by time:

    <strong>Monday is the day for Apple to announce the new G4......

    How do I know...???

    you'll see <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> :eek: <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> </strong><hr></blockquote>

    All is forgiven!
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    I want one of them 1 GHz G4s. But...I'm going to wait until July and see if there are G5s or updated PowerBooks. I want an 800 MHz PowerBook or faster, really.

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    Not too often does a person with a post count under 5 show up here and post "confirmed" info about future hardware, and turn out to be right. I'll admit I doubted Time for that reason. Good job, Time, and thanks for the scoop.
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    posted 01-28-2002 11:07 AM Â*Â*Â* Â*Â* Â*Â* Â*Â* Â* Â* Â*Â*




    Originally posted by naderby:

    By 'head guy' do you meanÂ? Steve Job's himself?!

    Please tell!


    Response from time


    I took this from post 13.

    I know many come on the thread and say "sorry I can not tell you where I get my information from, where I work, if my friend works for apple, if he works for an Apple reseller, wholesaler or the big one...I can't tell you because I signed a disclosure etc." Some people who have these reasons, as some see them as excuses, can be true, as with me. I would love to just be able to come out and say "hey, I work for Apple, F*** that disclosure form, this is what I know" but I can't do that. Again...Sorry.

    Again sorry, but I did give a lot of hints in that post.

    Thanks again,



    I think it's obvious time works for Apple computer. And that the "Head Guy" is Steve Jobs. Or maybe he works for a Apple Store and the "head guy" is the manager. It is one or the other. But he works for apple for sure.

    Also I would like to apologize again to time, I feel like shit for being so mean to him. He's a real find time is.
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    [quote]Originally posted by philbot:

    <strong>DansG3... are you there?

    I see you worked with Time for a while.

    Give us a clue... you both work in Apple Store don't you? </strong><hr></blockquote>

    The truth is I Do Not work at an Apple store.....

    Apple something though.....
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    aries 1baries 1b Posts: 1,009member

    If you are Steve Jobs, or have his ear (as you apparently have either immunity from being fired or have a job offer somewhere else in hand), could you please release the iTablet soon?

    It would really make my life more simple.


    Aries 1B
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    We don't work at an Apple Store, our store is much better than one of those. We are one of the oldest Apple retailers, and when the Apple stores can't support their customers they point them to us. Our store also does repairs, which the Apple stores can't do. Unfortunately our Apple rep also handles the local Apple stores, and so we get most of our info at the same time they do, but i'd have to say Apple reps don't get told much, because it's rare that he tells us anything we don't already know. This was a welcome exception, so Time decided to let you all in on it. We both have contacts that work at the Apple stores, (that we trained personally, but couldn't get a job with us), and he's passed on some things he heard, but everything turned out to be BS. The main reason I mention this is so that you don't get deceived by someone who says they work at an Apple store and they know some specs, or someone who says they heard something when they were walking through an Apple store. Those guys guess just as much as everyone here. Anyways, if we find out any info in the future we'll be happy to share whatever we can.
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    Wouldn't it be funny if time was really Steve Jobs. I mean a lot of us were very rude to him yesterday. Think about it...It's not impossible. Although I guess Steve would be to busy for the likes of us. Whoever time is he works for apple and not an apple store. The Head Guy must be Steve Jobs. Maybe time is...

    Tell Steve I want a faster PowerBook in march.

    I'll be happy to pay for it. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    hey time? Why are you putting your job in jepordy? I know one day is no real deal and the product was inevidable but steve doesn't like this, it isn't good for the company...

    Unless steve let you do this, then no harm done...
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    [quote]Originally posted by psantora:

    <strong>Or not....

    personally, I think he is just taking a shot in the dark... but it is just as likely that he is legit...

    and there would be NO WAY to know the difference...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    OK, I was wrong... We should not have closed this thread and time was not taking a shot in th dark (although, this is still possible ). But notice, that was ALL I said.. I never said time was wrong... I was just pointing out that there were so many of these "oh its coming 'next week'" threads that I was really getting sick of them... So time, my apologies, even though I really wasn't mad @ you just people like you in general... Besides, who can blame me for being skeptical? Isn't it better to be surprised then dissapointed?

    Time, any idea on when the "infected mushroom" G4's will be in quantity in stores?
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    philbotphilbot Posts: 240member
    To Time and DansG3, thanks for the info!

    As you work towards the 'end' of the line your information is obviously gonna be much more reliable as in shipping dates and final specs etc.

    The information I tend to get is much earlier in the chain as in test boxes etc. But even then the actual specs tend to be shrouded in secrecy - and subject to change!
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    [quote]Originally posted by time:


    The truth is I Do Not work at an Apple store.....

    Apple something though.....</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I take it you're not very old.

    If you're smart, you'll stop right here with clues as to your identity. And make sure you're surfing the net anonymously, too. safeweb or other.

    Worker Bee didn't listen to me, either. I kept telling him to quit spreading the truth as if it were rumor.

    If you know something more than the rest, just grin to yourself.

    ESPECIALLY if you work for Apple something.
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