Google founder accuses Apple's Steve Jobs of 'rewriting history'



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    Originally Posted by Brainless View Post

    Yeah this is an important point in timing which makes a lots of the arguments here irrelevant.

    doesn't change the fact that Google Changed Android from a Blackberry clone to an iPhone clone once they saw the iPhone.
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    Originally Posted by Robin Huber View Post

    Apple Desktop 1984

    Windows Desktop 1985

    Look Ma, no folders in Windows. Apple was first.

    Apple could have put desktop on iPhone, but they saw what a kludge Windows Mobile was and chose to do it differently.

    You had to go back to 1985? Really? How about we say that OS X ripped off GUI concepts from Xerox PARC?

    You utterly missed my point. Apple has widgets and a desktop on the Mac. They didn't put it on the iPhone. So how is Android ripping off the iPhone when the desktop and widgets are a huge part of the Android UI/UX? Sure they have the app launcher (but my Sony Ericsson dumbphone had a grid based menu before the iphone just wasn't touch) like the iPhone. But that's buried under the desktop and widgets.

    Organize your desktop well and you'll rarely ever use the app launcher. I can go days without using the app launcher on my phone. That's Android. So how is it a rip off the iPhone?

    As for your WinMo comment. Well what can I say. If you think Android is like WinMo, I won't challenge your ignorance.
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    Originally Posted by Firefly7475 View Post

    I don't think so. Apple were never destined have majority market share in the phone market.

    They might settle around 20% or so of the smartphone market which will continue to increase as a percentage of the overall phone market, but I think that's it. No one ever expected Apple growth to continue until they replaced everyone else!

    The important thing is who those 20% of phone users are, and more importantly how much of a premium they are willing to pay for Apple products and services. I remember reading somewhere that Apple made more profit than any other phone manufacturer.

    It's funny then that most Apple fans keep citing marketshare growth. Seems like they are compensating for years of not having boast-worthy stats from the PC world.

    Anyway, I actually think Apple will do better than 20% marketshare. And so will Android in time. Unlike the past, dominated by Symbian or Blackberry or Windows Mobile at different time periods, it'll just be a multi-polar tech world. Apple fans will have iOS. Others will have Android. Even Blackberry will survive (what they do, they do well). They all have their own niche. iOS is a great platform, but it can't and won't offer the same choice Android will. And Blackberry will be the king of messaging for a while to come yet. Nobody can yet touch them in the business world.
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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    I deal with a lot of new Mac users, maybe it's just the crowd I'm getting, but they are seriously confused by the Dock, Stacks, Spaces, and don't usually use many Widgets. There's almost always accidental Untitled new folders on the desktop, and because of the multi-touch resizing of icon sizes the folders and icons on the desktop are always visually very tiny.

    These new Mac users seem to be getting dumber, pretty much like the human race right now.

    Or, like I said, maybe it's just the crowd I'm getting, because they wouldn't come for guidance if they had learnt everything quite fast.

    I'm no genius, but I have observed maybe 2-3 years ago most new Mac users and casual browsers at the retail shop grasped OS X concepts a tad quicker.

    I have actually been wondering about this. Not a fan of Spaces on my Mac. But I do use widgets and the dock.

    I can certainly see why Apple held off on the desktop and widgets (my point was that these were not copied from the iPhone...since they aren't on the iPhone). Because I don't expect say older folks to really make the best us of widgets for example.

    That said, I would argue that with Windows now running widgets, with iGoogle now running widgets, etc. that people are going to be more and more familiar with the concept. And at some point Apple will have to address this audience. I doubt that anybody under 30 today doesn't know how to use widgets.

    As for new Mac users being dumber....well they probably came from the stock that won the iPhone marketshare. They lost the desktop wars but they went all out to capture marketshare in the smartphone wars....and that means dealing with more ummm ordinary folks....Good for Apple though that their halo strategy is paying off. And I am always happy to see the Mac gain ground!
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