iPhone 4 antenna fix could impact Apple's operating income by 1%



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    Originally Posted by sdeetz View Post

    I think a huge part of the problem is that the iphone does not switch from 3G to edge fast enough when the signal drops.

    I have been testing this out by manually turning 3G on and off and comparing signal strength and call quality. On edge at my house, I get significantly stronger signals and have yet to drop a call. On 3G at my house I get 1-2 bars, and it never switches to edge, even when the signal drops to zero bars. The calls have dropped 6 or 7 times, and not once did it switch to the edge network.

    On my old iPhone 3G, the signal would routinely switch to edge whenever the signal dropped down to about 1 bar.

    AT&T says the 3G network is everywhere edge is in my neighborhood, but the fact remains that the edge only setting gets better reception & fewer dropped calls. Perhaps that's because the edge network is less congested.

    I suggest Apple looks into a firmware update that switches voice calls to edge faster when the signal degrades.

    If switching slowly is the problem - then Apple COULD fix that with a firmware upgrade.

    Personally I think you're onto something with the switching. It could be a major part of the problem.
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    sennensennen Posts: 1,470member
    Originally Posted by bdkennedy1 View Post

    Those bumper cases cost .40 cents to manufacture. Even charging $9.99 would be a rip off. Just give them away to the people that ask for them and everyone is happy.

    it's funny how everyone slams apple for charging $30 for a piece of plastic, yet all the other case manufacturers do it and there's nary a peep.
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    Originally Posted by sennen View Post

    it's funny how everyone slams apple for charging $30 for a piece of plastic, yet all the other case manufacturers do it and there's nary a peep.

    True story. When I go into a store looking for cases, hardly any of them seem to under $30.
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    Originally Posted by stevetim View Post

    there are many side by side tests out there and 3GS is much faster while 3G is a little slower after upgrading to iOS4. On some apps i've written the load time of the app takes 8-12 seconds longer after I upgraded a test 3G to iOS4.

    You're on Fn' crack. I have a 3G iPodTouch with iOS4. I have many different genres of apps on my device from small games to large reference study applications therefore I can make an informed analysis. The difference in opening ALL apps is literally only a 1/2 a second longer. An easy compromise for having such great new features.
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    I wonder how many total people are behind this? I strongly suspect that there are less than 100 people who are blogging this issue and that they have been lionized by a media that thrives on creating controversy (so that they can sell "news".)

    What about the millions of us whose iPHone 4 seems to work just fine? We have jobs, careers and businesses. We like our phones. We do not have the time to blog and report and create problems. We pay our taxes. We get tired and sleep at night instead of staying up until 5 AM to complain anonymously on the internet or stir up lawsuits.
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    Opening eyes...

    Who would only have known that analysts would one day be describing antennae in terms of the operating income percentage. Apple contributes a lot in fixing our illiteracy.
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