iPhone 3g touchscreen dead zone - bottom 20% of screen

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I seem to be having the well-documented dead zone problem with my iPhone 3G that involves a touch screen dead zone on the phone.

The bottom 15-20% of the screen is dead which doesn't allow me to access any of the "favorite" 4 icons at the bottom of my screen (SMS, Email, Safari and Ipod).

I found the Apple Support Document TS1827, but cleaning under my screen protector, restarting, etc. did not work. I tried the calculator and regardless of the orientation of the phone, the dead zone remains dead.

My phone is extremely well protected and I am very careful about taking care of it, so this is a very dismaying problem.

Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Note: I have a Genius Bar appointment for later today, but was hoping someone could help me figure out what is wrong before then.

Thank you.


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    dynamixdynamix Posts: 1member

    My iphone4 did the same for roughly 1.5 weeks.  I read that 3rd party chargers can mess with the motherboard since the power supple is not exact for the phone, thus dead zones were reported..  I took a trip to the att store and all they did was show me some replacement phones..but now its 1.5 weeks later and no more problems so maybe it fixed itself, I also updated the phone as soon as it happened but that didnt provide an immediate solution.  so my advise is turn off, recharge with apple charger, and wait 2 weeks.  GLHF

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