Apple automatically refunding bumper purchases



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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    I paid cash (which is rare) for the one I bought and opted not to get a receipt (which is rare) emailed to me. So it looks like my only recourse it to get a 2nd Bumper. I think the white Bumper on a black iPhone 4 looks pretty slick but I’ll have to wait on that, even though I doubt they will add the other colours. Perhaps, if it comes in a standard box I can return it for credit and get a different colour, but I have to assume that isn’t the case.

    Has anyone priced the cases from the other manufacturers?
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    2oh12oh1 Posts: 503member
    This is why I love Apple. I happily paid for bumpers shortly after I bought my iPhone 4. I never had any reception issues... I just liked the feel of the phone with bumpers, especially when using it as a camera (damn, that camera is fun!), so I bought 'em.

    Apple announced they're giving away free bumpers to put an end to the (bogus) antennagate. And sure enough, I got an email this morning from Apple saying my purchase had been refunded. I didn't even have to ask for the refund. Sweet!

    Thank you Apple!
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    dave marshdave marsh Posts: 342member
    I purchased my Bumper at an Apple retail store and received notification this afternoon that my refund was being processed.
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    jfanningjfanning Posts: 3,398member
    Originally Posted by Wovel View Post

    Download the case app on your iPhone 4. Select the case or bumper you want...

    They released an app for this? That seems like such a waste of time, why not just a web page? Still I suppose it increases their download rates from the store by 3 million.
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    ipaladinipaladin Posts: 20member
    I have requested my bumper through the case app and have received a ship date of August 27.
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