HP's webOS 2.0 to take on iPhone 4, iPad later this year



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    Originally Posted by FrdSllS View Post

    2 simple data points:

    (1) HP is not capable of designing a decent user interface.

    I was once, in an other life, a sad owner of an HP PC running Craposoft OS. The HP software add-ons supposed to help admin the box were just crippled beyond thinkable...

    (2) Palm failed because of its inability to create a decent music, videos, books and apps market place.

    Remember how Palm pathetically tried to hack its way into iTunes sync ?!

    HP is not capable neither to do that itself... HP stopped inventing a long time ago...

    Plus Palm only had a decent mobile OS because it hired Apple staff and ripped off what they could get away with. OK, I know MS did succeed in making a bundle ripping off Apple but I don't think it has ever worked since then.
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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    ... both had Woz as an employee!


    True, they both had Woz. I had actually forgotten. My bad.

    But I still think you knew what I meant. Or perhaps you didn't?
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    res08haores08hao Posts: 114member
    HP has been sleeping for years. Cheap plastic computers NO DIFFERENT from Dell's or any other cheap plastic Windows losers.

    Maybe somebody woke up.

    The important thing is TO OPEN RETAIL STORES EXACTLY LIKE APPLE'S because they are a company with faceless suits WITH ZERO IDEAS.

    Little changes to ink jet cartridges is NOT innovation.

    HP pad? snoooooooooooooooze.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I propose the tag line: ?This holiday season we?re dropping an H-Palm on the wireless industry"

    Say, let's run that by Don Draper and the boys over at Cooper-Sterling!
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by justflybob View Post

    Say, let's run that by Don Draper and the boys over at Cooper-Sterling!

    That is one of a half-dozen Mad Men reference I've heard in the past few days. I awesome the next season is starting soon?
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member
    I have seen some demos of WebOS and it looks very nice. But can HP match Apple's hardware design???

    HP originally had an engineering culture like Apple, but I heard Carly Fiorina kind of ruined that. In which case they're SOL, because it takes a certain kind of culture to produce a certain kind of result. But I don't live in California so I could be wrong.
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    WebOS is a great operating system and I think that if HP can not really set aside time and resources that they can succeed. If WinMo die than think it is version 7 will be a good 10-12% of the smartphone market, palm grasp. Not as great as Android and IOS, but it could also kill the Nokia Symbian.
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