Apple hit with new lawsuit over iPad overheating in direct sunlight



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    thomprthompr Posts: 1,521member
    Originally Posted by iBoogieBoard View Post

    Wow. I have owned an iPad since day 1, and I have never experienced issues with overheating. Stuck pixels and wifi issues, I have had. I just think some of these people are trying to make a quick buck

    My iPad definitely overheats in direct sunlight. But this is reasonable... it has a very large black surface covering a very thin body that is stuffed with electronics. It gets mighty hot even when turned off. This is simple Physics. I'm glad my iPad shuts itself down before all of the built-up heat fries some components. Could you imagine the lawsuits then!?!?

    People shouldn't be surprised, upset, or suing over this. The solution is to not use the iPad in direct sunlight, an activity which is less than satisfying anyway, because it is hard to see the screen under those conditions. Should we sue for that too?

    This is a stupid lawsuit.

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    You know we have a bunch of village idiots if this BS see the light of day

    Hell why not sue the beach when the Sand gets hot. !!!!!!! Geeeeezzzzzzz gimmmmmy a break
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    eideardeideard Posts: 428member
    Scumbags like this make my trigger finger overheat. Metaphorically speaking - of course.
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member
    Where's the lawsuit that the iPad melts in direct fire?
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    mbarriaultmbarriault Posts: 237member
    An unfortunate layout of my room means that my iMac is back on to my window, and direct sunlight causes the fans to go into overdrive during heavier applications (such as World of Warcraft - note the fans stay inaudible at night). This is likely a result of heat dissipation going both ways - both iMac and iPad hardware are designed to allow heat to exit quickly, but as a result heat would enter quickly.
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    finetunesfinetunes Posts: 2,065member
    Originally Posted by macinthe408 View Post

    In related news, lighter close to gasoline causes explosion.

    Only if you choose to light the lighter
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    elmcitywebelmcityweb Posts: 109member
    Haha, a lot of these comments are hysterical.

    The plaintiffs need to be publicly ridiculed. What a waste of time, energy, and money to bring forth such a frivolous lawsuit.

    I hope there's a counter suit. That'll teach 'em.
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    Originally Posted by zmonster View Post

    F*** these lawyers.

    Yeah, what a lot of stupid scavengers who obviously have no capacity to contribute anything positive to society. I hope the judge bursts out laughing when the case is put and awards them a life time of using an original IBM PC running Windows 1.0. They deserve to suffer big time.
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    oxygenhoseoxygenhose Posts: 236member
    The people, responsible for the law that allows moronic law firms to use ME as a phantom plaintiff in their class action lawsuits, need to face a firing squad.

    Short of killing them all, the best way to deal with lawyers is with software that replaces them.

    If cars can be built by robots (an infinitely more difficult and complex job in computational and mechanical labor), then lawyers are nothing special. In fact, I think the U.S. legal achieve could fit on an iPad, just wrap in a cheap suit and bam!
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    While I think this lawsuit is absurd. I do wonder about this...

    If a company specifies an operating range (temp/alt/wet) but then sells the item into locations that are outside those specs.

    Not just that anywhere Could get hotter etc. I mean if a location from historic evidence is more than half to two thirds the time outside the specs.

    If a company sells an item in a locale outside operating spec and refuses warranty etc. Then I feel you should have a legal leg to stand on.

    Wherei live 35c is the min temp for at least half the year n
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    Originally Posted by pauldfullerton View Post

    Yeah, what a lot of stupid scavengers who obviously have no capacity to contribute anything positive to society. I hope the judge bursts out laughing when the case is put and awards them a life time of using an original IBM PC running Windows 1.0. They deserve to suffer big time.

    In the USA there are rules about cruel and unusual punishment...
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    rot'napplerot'napple Posts: 1,839member
    " Apple's iPad overheats easily in direct sunlight"

    I also overheat easily in direct sunlight! So what?!!!...
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    Chocolate manufacturers get sued when their products melt in the heat.

    You know, there's something very wrong with a system that allows these stupid lawsuits to even get filed. If you buy and iPad thinking when you use it as an ebook, it's just like reading a real book, you're an idiot. FYI, the iPad is an electronic device with no physical paper pages.

    What an opportunistic, greedy dumbass.
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    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post

    Lawsuits should require the first page to have a photo of the dufus lawyer with Bio and contact info...and the same of the dufus complainant.


    hmm is it really necessary? they all look similar
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    ruckerzruckerz Posts: 58member
    I'm surprised it's this low.

    Sorry residents of Leadville, CO. (10,152 feet)
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    The inside of my car gets extremely hot in direct sunlight, so much so I could die if I was in there for any extent of time.
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    ericblrericblr Posts: 172member
    Why do you think the Japanese are reluctant to release high end technology to the states? Americans are notoriously hard on their electronics and it would generate ALOT of support calls and headaches for the company.

    Originally Posted by nkhm View Post

    SO if left in direct sunlight for a period of time and this thing gets too hot, it shuts down.

    That's definitely a reason to sue!

    What happened to end user responsibility for the reasonable care, maintenance and upkeep of purchases?

    The world has officially gone crazy. Hope this one is thrown out in a hurry.

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    I've tried to use my iPad outside to read a number of times and have been frustrated that it shuts down.. this is in weather conditions where it is less than 95 degrees outside - but as another points out - because of the black surface - even if it's less than 95 degrees it seems to attract more heat and it shuts off - I have found it to be useless for outdoor reading when not in the shade. I tried to return it to Apple - but they weren't willing to take it back. My kindle works fine in direct sunlight...
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    jetlawjetlaw Posts: 156member
    My stove gets scalding hot when turned on.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Originally Posted by lilgto64 View Post

    Not only can the iPad not be treated "just like a book" in regards to reading outdoors in direct sunlight

    Most LCDs aren't very readable in direct sunlight anyway, and iPad isn't an exception in my opinion, the transflection properties aren't strong (I think good transflection sacrifices other desirable properties) and the backlight just can't compete with sunlight. Maybe you get a 2:1 contrast ratio if you're lucky. I wouldn't read a book in direct sunlight either, it's too hot out and the pages are lit way too brightly. Get in the shade, put up a beach umbrella, whatever.

    In a rough calculation, I think the iPad would be absorbing about 60 watts in direct sunlight, which is about twice the heat output of an average laptop computer in typical operation (not maxed out, but maybe not completely idle either). I can see how the iPad can get hot. It would not surprise me if direct sunlight on the front surface is enough to take ambient temperature of 80 F and make the iPad 95 F or higher, and trip the temperature alarm.
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