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    Originally Posted by lvidal View Post

    There's no way Apple will deliver an iPad with a camera next year. In September will be announced, in November available. Apple will not waste the opportunity of selling a lot more iPads in the Q4 in the Holidays season. That's what's gonna help them to sell 7.5-8 millions of iPads in 2010.

    1 or 2 cameras? I'm pretty sure there gonna be 2 cameras, the flip feature is a FaceTime key, also, they know people will want to take pictures with it in the holidays.

    And the iPod Touch (must be renamed iTouch) will gonna get them too, of course. This Christmas will be remembered as the FaceTime Christmas, and nothing will be the same after. BF/AF (Before-FaceTime/After-FaceTime).

    Remember what Steve told us at the FaceTime presentation: "...and Apple will ship 10's of millions of FaceTime devices this year. 10's of millions of FaceTime devices". He made emphasis in this year and used the word devices clearly because he was referring to iPad and iPod Touch, but he couldn't say it, to maintain the secrecy.

    And just when that iPad be available I'll buy one.

    I have the first one. In fact I'm posting this with it. And I won't hesitate to buy the next one either.
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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    This to me is obvious because the iPad version of IOS is due to be updated around then. The number one issue there is the lack of RAM in the iPad. Apple will update iPad because they know this is the weakest link towards running 4.1 or whatever they call it on iPad.

    Support for FaceTime could also be rolled in, doneright it could be a significant feature for iPad and probably will be for a few iPods. The problem here is that Apple really hasnt finalized FaceTime yet from what i can see. So will FaceTime as a product be ready for a front facing camera on iPad. As to anybody thinking that a rear facing camera is coming I think you need to get a grip.


    Hate to interrupt, but the ultra obvious reason for the lack of camera is that the next gen CPU is required for adequate video capture at the iPad's screen rez. It might look ok on an iPhone retina screen, but it needs to impress on the larger display.
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    If Apple are going to introduce a forward facing camera, they're going to have to look closely at the way it is placed and designed - if you use the iPad as suggested, on your lap, the person chatting to you is going to get a view directly up your nostrils - if you hold the pad out in front of you, your arms will get tired after a short while.

    I'd always agreed with the lack of camera for this reason - the form of the iPad doesn't make one practical.

    For the same reason a rear camera is a ridiculous idea, how could you possible need/want/be able to use this as a digital camera - it's simply a ridiculous form factor to use as such.

    I'm hoping this is simply a lazy copy and paste across all iOS documentation and hasn't been erased from the iPad docs yet.
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    Originally Posted by studiomusic View Post

    Yes, of course there will be a camera in the iPad.

    BUT, look for it next year after they sell a boat-load of this version for Christmas.


    Without any viable competition there is no reason for them to introduce a new version right now. This is being saved for the day when someone else enters the scene with a unit that has a camera. Then iPod Touch Maxi 2.0 gets released with everything missing from iPod Touch Maxi 1.0, complete with a price drop. Thank you early adopters....
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    Originally Posted by Vatdoro View Post

    I think you're right. I know Apple normally sticks to a 12 month release cycle, but I think they may switch it up a little bit with the iPad 2. There are 2 reasons I think they may release a new iPad this fall.

    1) Apple normally releases new hardware when they roll out a new version of iOS for a device. iOS 4 isn't coming to the iPad until this fall. It seems like they should be able to add the basic features of iOS 4 (folders, multitasking, iAd, ...) to the iPad no problem. I get the impression Apple is holding out for something more. New hardware?

    2) To stay ahead of the competition. Other manufacturers are supposed to have their iPad "competitors" for sale around November. Some of these supposed competitors will have cameras and hardware that the current iPad doesn't have. If Apple comes out with the iPad 2 when everyone else is just getting their first attempts to market, Apple will completely blow them out of the water. Apple was WAY ahead of the competition when they announced the iPad in January. I think they are going to do everything they can to stay ahead of them.

    I think the iPad will sell like crazy during the Holidays. (Well, it's already selling like hot cakes.) But, it will be the hottest device this Holiday season regardless if there is a new version or not. If there is a new version it will sell even more. I expect the iPad 2 will have similar prices to the current iPad, and Apple will knock off $100 of the current iPad and it will be the "budget" option. Imagine how many families will pick up an iPad for $400!

    We'll find out in a few months, but I agree with your argument. Apple had a free ride with the iPhone for well over a year. It looks like the iPad will face a faster response. In this short time competitors won't be able to come up with a sophisticated operating system or interesting applications. However, they can add a USB port, front and rear camera, more memory, higher resolution screen, etc. It's possible that Apple may feel the need to preemptively respond to these developmetns.
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    Originally Posted by razorpit View Post


    Without any viable competition there is no reason for them to introduce a new version right now. This is being saved for the day when someone else enters the scene with a unit that has a camera. Then iPod Touch Maxi 2.0 gets released with everything missing from iPod Touch Maxi 1.0, complete with a price drop. Thank you early adopters....

    Yes but if it wasn't for early adopters you wouldn't have an iPad at all. And then the next generation iPad users themselves become early adopters because the year after that there will be a better camera.

    Frankly I see no use for a camera in the iPad. That's what the iPhone 4 and the USB camera adapter are for. Maybe that's what this is all about... maybe it's something to do with tethering an iPhone 4 to the iPad in order to use that as the camera for FaceTime and iMovie. Not a stupid idea actually and makes more sense than an internal camera.
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    catman4d2catman4d2 Posts: 174member
    how about NO... why does everything have to have a frikin camera in it?

    I for one was pleased when i saw apple didn't put a camera in it,after all a device that will go on to be,the most widely used E reader yet... just doesn't need one,it is not a laptop replacement or a phone. NO CAMERA.

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