Apple's iTunes Remote app was developed by one person - report



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    Originally Posted by indiekiduk View Post

    At the Stanford presentation he actually he said he worked in the team that developed Remote. Team generally doesn't equate to one person :-p

    The one I watched [1. Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Tools (January 5, 2010)] from [iPhone Application Development (Winter 2010) - Tracks] he states ?I built the remote application for the iPhone? @1:10.
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    Originally Posted by columbus View Post

    On the Stanford Uni iPhone Application Development lectures (Winter 2010) Alan Cannistraro claims he built the remote app for the iPhone.

    and no reason to doubt this. i imagine it was him
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    Very un-Apple to have such a gap.

    ... unless they did it for the small percentage of folks who like to have two songs playing at once (launch Front Row, play a song, then launch the Remote app and play another!)

    Or, could it be that they're really that desperate for another $29 Front Row Remote sale?
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple's iTunes Remote application for the iPhone has not been updated in over 8 months because the software was written by just one person, and he is currently busy with other projects, according to a new report which describes Apple as "a huge startup."

    The app may have been developed by a single person, but I disagree that this is the cause of no recent updates. I think that updating the app right now isn't worth it because there is a larger integration of iPhone iPod itv iTunes coming shortly. It makes sense to wait for that because it will go beyond a simple remote app.
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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post


    A large team can also get a project done!

    Here, a team of only 500-1,000 politicians and bureaucrats were able to design a health care system-- the simple elegance of the result is revealed when one looks at a graphic depiction of the system reduced to a single page.

    Mmmm... I wonder if they could reduce that to a circuit on a silicon substrate...

    Download Chart (PDF Format)

    To be honest, this chart only represents one third of the health care system (all of it wouldn't fit on a single page).

    The article is here:


    You say this like it is a bad thing.

    This looks like a mind map. These look a little chaotic but they are an interesting way to capture complex ideas. Instead of a linear outline stretching out over many pages you have one diagram that captures the relationships among different aspects of a topic.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    according to a new report which describes Apple as "a huge startup."

    He continued: "One day you might be working on the Remote app, and the next day you might get pulled on to another project that needs your help."

    "Great startups have small teams that can build quickly and pivot when needed," he said. "When working at a startup, you don't own just one part of the application: you have to be able to work on whatever needs your attention that day."

    Apple's startup mentality

    Yet another ``best practice pundit' '. Sorry to break it to fella, but the tale he tells now is precisely about a big modern software factory and not about a ``startup' ' anyway.

    If you are in serious industrial software development, you simply can not be responsible for 3 ``your' ' lines of code in a terrifyingly huge project containing 50 classes. It just doesn't happen that way.

    Otherwise, it's that you think you are a ``developer' '.

    And AI editors are always here to pick up any bullshit about IT industry.
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    Originally Posted by BC Kelly View Post

    Yes, must admit THAT part of the 'scheme' is a bit of a pain in the ass

    "crowdsource" ... "vote"

    What, you think DJ'ing at a Party is a Democracy

    Maybe if it's a house party, everyone's stoned, tripping the light fantastic, and nobody's dancing

    Otherwise, yes the "pressure" may be "off" the "host" but anarchy will rule

    Why not, at your next party, allow the Guest to tell the Chef how to prepare the Meal ?

    Or at a Football Game let the stadium vote on what play they want the Coach to send in to the Team ?

    Or as an Army is about to start a Battle they could vote on the Plan and pass it along to the General ?

    Get the drift ?

    Sounds like the ridiculous Microsoft TV Commercials where everyone says "this" or "that" was MY idea.

    When the Designer has no idea, no clue - then allowing the "crowd" to decide might be a viable alternative

    (and for Microsoft that's perhaps the sad truth)

    But, when those like Jobs or Ive are the Chef, the Coach, the DJ - let us do our thing.

    And, if you don't like it ?

    Don't Dance


    And if you, as Host, REALLY want to remove the "pressure" of picking Music ?

    Then hire a Professional and Reputable Disc Jockey/Band

    But BEWARE - Microsofts are everywhere



    You've got a lot of attitude for someone who pushes buttons on an ipod for a living.

    You'll probably be obsoleted with the next ipod refresh.

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    axualaxual Posts: 244member
    Slow news day? Just curious, but who cares about this?
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    Originally Posted by axual View Post

    Slow news day? Just curious, but who cares about this?

    I care about this. I use the Apple Remote program, both on my iPhone and on my iPad extensvely as my promary controller of my Home Theater Media Center. My AV receiver, a Yamaha RX-Z7 also has a built in Web Server, and all of my lighting is controllable from my iPhone/iPad. So I use my iPhone/iPad to controll just about everything. It's very cool.
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    orlandoorlando Posts: 601member
    Originally Posted by axual View Post

    Slow news day? Just curious, but who cares about this?

    I also care about this. I use the remote app every day. Great app. I just wish the news was more positive and there was an updated version coming soon.

    ps I also like that is Apple news. IMO There's been too many articles about non-Apple OSes recently.
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    WHO CARES!?!?!
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    Originally Posted by davidness View Post

    I use and love this app every day in controlling my extensive home theater/media center. Yet there is so much more that *could* be done; Artist Bio, Fan Art, Song Lyrics, a larger iPad version, higher resolution, etc.

    I hope this 'one' developer is working on 'the next big thing' as a direct replacement/upgrade to Apple Remote. There are many users out here, like me, that would hate to see this application languish.

    I wrote an iPad app which is a port of the Remote application. It is called yTrack and is available on the AppStore ( I made it to really resemble the iPod app of the iPad. New features are coming (podcasts, audiobooks, now playing, ...) and should be released by the end of this month. Hope this would give you satisfaction
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