EC picks Apple's iPhone over RIM's BlackBerry



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    ricmacricmac Posts: 65member
    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    As I said, he was happy to have a working phone. Is it difficult to understand why a busy person cannot wait for their phone to be updated with what appears to be a simple fix? That's what happened.

    Honestly, do you really think this kind of trolling actually works?
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    successsuccess Posts: 1,040member
    Some of you are actually trying to tell us that no organizations are capable of listening in to BB calls? LOL

    Wow... naive.
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    benicebenice Posts: 382member
    Originally Posted by str1f3 View Post

    A major reason why corporations have not switched away from BB is because of their security on the device and through their servers. There is basically no point to stealing a RIM device because it can always be found unlike the iPhone which needs MobileMe and even then the SIM card can be taken out to avoid be tracked. The iPhone works better with Exchange but they still won't give it up. Middleware is not always a negative.

    The iPhone does many more things better than BB but not when it comes to security. I don't like to see a company get punished for protecting privacy. I'd rather have everyone find a way to rise to RIM's level in this regard instead of governments and corporations switching because they can't track what you've been doing.

    Good idea. Apple's had a while to get to this level and I'd like to think it's on their to-do list but I'm not sure it is.
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    icyfogicyfog Posts: 338member
    The EC picked Apple at the same time it's saying Apple is a monopoly.
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