The Apple store GAVE me a free computer!!

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I recently brought my almost 3-year old iMac into the Apple Store for repairs. My applecare warranty was due to expire at the end of the month and i'd been having problems with my audio port. The audio port just was not working at all. I never use the port, but figured since I still had applecare, I should have it fixed.

The most convenient apple store for me to go to was a 30 mile drive, each way. Most of the time there was heavy traffic.

They ran some diagnostics on my computer. They determined that I also needed a hard-drive fan. My fan had failed. Upon further inspection of the computer, the tech saw a scratch in the glass and a small spot on the LCD. He ordered a new audio board, new LCD, new glass and a new hard-drive fan.

I had to leave my computer at the store to be repaired. It took them over a week to finish everything. I went to pick up the computer from the store. They had assured me everything was in working order, so I didnt bother to check the computer to make sure it was repaired properly till I got home. When I got home I saw that there was a yellow spot in the lower right-hand corner of the LCD. It was very noticable. I called the store back right away and scheduled another appointment for 2 days later.

When I brought the computer in again, I explained to the tech that I had to drive 60 miles round trip in traffic to bring my computer back due to their mistake. He spoke with his manager and explained everything that I had gone through. I was expecting, maybe a $50 store credit for my trouble. When he eventually came back out of the backroom, he informed me that the manager wanted to know if I would like to just have my 3-year old computer replaced with a brand new 21.5" iMac. I think he was in just as much shock saying it, as I was hearing it! I quickly told him, YES!! I'm very glad I did a Time Machine backup before bringing my computer in for repairs. Without the computer being backed up already, they probably wouldnt have given me this offer.

This experience has solidified my confidence in Apple again. They have just made me a lifetime customer


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    i have not had a computer replaced like you, BUT when i had some issues with my mb 2/2 optical drive i called, they sent me box next day and in another day i had it back fixed

    i've been a loyal apple guy since 84 with my first mac plus

    never looked back

    i always get apple care

    but honestly rarely (really) needed any help that wasn't on AI or apple support

    i've only needed an apple tech to fix my stuff for perhaps 2-3 times since 1984

    really, and i have 5 macs, my strawberry dv400 98/99 was humming along as a print server and internet device till a few months ago, when she was hit by lightning, a sad day very sad day

    not much more to say, other than i tell people to stop waisting their time effort and virus $$$$ and get a mac
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