Finally, a competitor to the iPad... Er... Never-mind :)



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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member

    The (entirely typical) comments for that article suggest the market that any Android tablet will be selling to-- people for whom the slightest misstep, missing feature or slightly under-baked implementation by Apple are occasions for much hooting, vitriol and dismissal, but who regard manifestly not-ready-for-primetime products by pretty much anyone else as exciting indications of "where the market is headed", complete with much confident braggadocio how pretty soon now the completely amazing and awesome hardware/software combo will be released, and how sweet that will be.

    That, or a casual assumption that user experiences are something that can be easily sorted, should someone simply get around to caring about such trivial matters, but, OMG Tegra 2 awesome.
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