Sony Ericsson "PSP" phone could threaten Apple's iOS game revenue



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    Originally Posted by kotatsu View Post

    You completely missed my point. The PSP Phone and the PSP will be totally different systems. Different architectures, different games. It would be unreasonable to expect backwards compatibility, although I don't doubt plenty will.

    How about reading the whole comment before making an assumption? It wasn't about the upcoming device. It was about the original PSP (UMD and the PSP GO). The fact is that many people who moved from the first one to a PSPGO were screwed if they wanted to play the UMD games. They had to re-buy them for the GO. If Apple did something like that, people's heads would explode!
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    Originally Posted by yeshuawatso View Post

    Of course I made an assumption as your first post was vague and subjective, while calling you out forced you to be more objective and provide reasons for your conclusions. By providing relevant data about your objections for why you prefer the psp vs the pspgo, you present a viewpoint that contradicts mine, in turn giving other readers more perspective to provide their analysis.

    You also happen to contradict your own statements, but at least in a relevant context. For instance, you state that you used the psp for personal use and wouldn't allow your children to play with it, yet you make the argument that umds allow your children to swap games, thus playing the same system and games you said was too fragile to let children play with. But I understand your point: umds have their place vs download. Next time provide these strong, relevant reasons and we can avoid personal attacks.

    Now to stay on topic; a psp phone wouldn't be a replacement to a psp. While both can play games, one device is designed to explicitly do that while the other device would have games complement its primary function as a phone. In reality, I would choose the psp because I don't play it, my son does. You on the other hand would be a target market because you play games frequently enough to want professional titles yet also need a mobile phone to function in this world like all other adults. One could use these same arguments for ipod touch vs iphone since both devices provide similar yet different functions.

    When I read stories like this I ask myself: knowing whatever information you have about the product, who are the target consumers? When someone says Android users, I think not. From the data I have about Android users, disclosure: being one myself, I don't see this targeting them. Most Android users are power users, not gamers (at least not on a mobile phone). Those that are, are buying emulators because they're aware of the ability to play a plethora of good quality, albeit old, games. My wife is a different type of Android user. She's a power user who finds more use from productivity style apps than games. While she does buy games, they tend to be casual games and rarely 3d. These are essentially the two types of early adopter Android users. So where does that put Sony's psp phone strategy?

    What I can see sony attempting is grabbing the hardcore android gamers as they walk through the door. Since Apple doesn't allow apps with interpreted code or that utilize other languages other than Apple blessed languages (throwing out all emulators), Sony could leverage their vast network of professional developers and publishers to re-release old playstation classics in emulation form via their distribution scheme. Since Sony already has the knowledge of the requirements to do emulation without reverse engineering, publishers may simply have to provide a playstation disc image wrapped in drm goodness for ip protection.

    But as others have mentioned, Nintendo's strategy of going after casual gamers rather than the hardcore elite is a proven strategy that works, and unfortunately for Sony, the only real threat to casual gaming dominance is iOS; Sony's not on the threat map anymore. Of coarse reliving the glory days is always an option.

    (damn these post are too long)

    Yes I said I wouldn't let my kids play with it, but you are reading too much into the statement. There are parents that do and there are adults who use them as well who are faced with the same predicament. In other words, you can swap, lend and borrow UMD games without lending the whole system. You see my point? That is my point right there in front of you. You were the one who made the assumption that I didn't know what I was talking about and probably only played with it once or twice. You were wrong and you are trying to flip the damn issue by picking out what you THINK are flaws in my statements. Let's be clear. I am not the target market for this device because, for one (if you read my whole statement), I sold my PSP for reasons I stated earlier. This new device is not going to solve that problem. If I want to play my 1st person shooter games, I'll stick with the PC or PS3 versions. I also have a Touch for those casual games and I am not interested in giving Sony a shot this time around. I don't have to worry about someone wanting to borrow a Touch game (not to mention the games are much cheaper) or my Touch so it suits me just fine now. Because of the cheap game prices on the App store, I don't mind not having physical media. Sony will not sell games that cheap most likely (they sure aren't cheap for the PSP or PSPGO). I like my PS3 but that is as far as it goes with Sony.
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    Originally Posted by yeshuawatso View Post

    Of course I made an assumption as your first post was vague and subjective, while calling you out forced you to be more objective and provide reasons for your conclusions.)

    You didn't "force" me to do anything. You were trying to read too much into my comment and I decided to reply to your "assumption" of my stance on the subject at hand. My initial reasons were more than enough for everyone else but you, hence why you were the only one replying to my comment. Once again, quit reading too much into what someone says and assuming you know what they are trying to say. That is all.
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