Palm unveils webOS 2.0, SDK available to developers



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    The iMac never got much market share. It still doesn't.

    yeah and we should disregard the profitability of the Mac computers entirely compared to the rest of the market - cuz, well marketshare rulez!!!!!

    Apple was (and is, now as a broader consumer electronics company) one of the most highly profitable computer companies (since everyone else is in the race to the bottom) and still keeps growing their marketshre year over year against flat PC sales growth. Especially now that the other companies have announced reduced profit predictions due to lower than expected sales in the netbook category.

    Good lord, you just keep reinforcing the need for the ignore list don't you?

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    Originally Posted by matrix07 View Post

    I think he's making a lot of sense. This is not a dig at Apple or anything but how the company that owned around 4% of the market doing much? Yes, Apple made great contribution to computer world. Nobody's denying that. I'm kind of LOL when I just saw, lately (from Youtube), that Apple invented Dock on desktop, my most favorite feature in Windows 7, as long as 10 years ago.

    Of course not. But as the Window GUI and security languished more and more people were buying other Apple products like iPods, running iTunes on their PCs and enjoying them. The iPod was arguably the trojan horse for Apple into increasing marketshare for the Macs as a result. Some of course would disagree, but there are few other direct impacts that can be so closely attributed to the growth. And look at the undue influence that Apple has as a "minority" marketshare player - all of the other makers have added all-in-one units to their hardware lines, some have tried to add touch as well. They are arguably the most profitable PC maker in the industry. And being the most innovative gives them influence far beyond mere marketshare.


    But was anyone apart from people in Mac community care? Absolutely not. The Mac sale that exploded at that time was more likely due to the fact the computer market has grown exponentially because of the internet.

    Internet growth categorically would not impact Mac sales in this way, in the same way a rising tide lifts all boats - the increase in computer sales occurred in all categories, which means that increased marketshare was not impacted for Macs - just increased numbers of computers sold.


    iPod, and subsequently iPhone, is the product that people outside Mac community accept and thinks it's cool to own. It raise brand acceptance and recognition that Apple make great products, and help grow Apple sales all around the world.

    This is in fact correct, and if you add in the impact of the disappointment in netbook performance, the debacle that was Vista (was Redmond revisiting their abortive release of Windows ME??) recognized ease of use, security - more people purchase, driving marketshare up. The "Mac community" has expanded far beyond the computer platform to become the "Apple community" which in many cases overlaps other, non-Apple communities, but numbers in the billions. Let alone the consumers who own multiples of Apple products - different iPods, iPhones, Macs, AppleTV.
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    seriously webOS rocks really hard! I sold my iPhone for a Palm Pre and it was the best decision for me I am really happy with webOS and they got really nice concepts built in! Can't wait for new hardware like a palm pre2 I'm gonna be one of the first who buys that thing
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    Originally Posted by FreeRange View Post

    LOL - the trolls jump in. And please do tell us how it blows the iPhone away when they have no apps? Or did you really mean it just blows...

    There is more to any OS than just Apps. They do the core functionality brilliantly. Compare the calendar for example, the Palm version is much better, they had a unified inbox from the off, proper multitasking, superior notifications etc. Other things Apple do better, and have a better ecosystem. But to single out apps is silly.

    if it was so poor, why have Apple introduced both the unifies inbox and multitaking, and hired the man who designed their notifications?
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