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    Upgraded to iTunes 10, hooked up the original iPod 80GB from my car (before it was called Classic) and synced it with no problem. Then I hooked up my original iPod touch from the other room and I heard Windows 7 bing to signal that it recognized a USB device was plugged in, but, nothing showed up in iTunes. I restarted, moved the USB cable to a different port, Windows sees it and bings, but iTunes doesn't notice it at all. I don't want to "restore" the ipod and lose all the stuff on it. The stuff is all in iTunes but it would take hours to select the specific things that I had selected to go onto this specific unit. Seriously, now I'm considering looking at a Zune so I can get HD Radio, wireless syncing, and not have to worry about how slow and combersome iTunes is... Every couple weeks an iTunes update comes out and I have to wait an hour for it "Updating your media files" in my whole library before I can sync up and get on my way again. That step just wastes my time while Apple edits all my media files to make the DRM more difficult to hack again, it's not a step that does anything for me.
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    Originally Posted by merlinw View Post

    Further checking of a sample of videos on my computer, poor playback quality, poor sound, and choppy!

    All of these videos played great with iTunes 9.

    Yup seems to be a theme with Apple lately...releasing products that are worse than the previous ones.

    All I know is you can have my copies of Quicktime 7, iTunes 9, and iMovie 6 when you take them from my dead, cold, hands!
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    So someone educate me, why does itunes have to be 64 bit. What is the killer advantage that makes this so important

    With Intel CPUs, 64-bit is not just a case of bigger address space, there is actually more registers and that can make programs faster. And when dealing with big data, a little bit of extra speed can quickly add up. And media files are big data.
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    I think I'm going to wait for version 11.

    I've never skipped a version of an Apple app but 10 has no appeal to me.
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    This thing is crazy responsive in Windows now! I mean like 3 fold, it's just insane. Don't get me wrong, it's still bloated, but I only have to click items once now
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    it's fast on the mac too.

    So what gives with the all that grey-ed out monotony and monstrosity?

    It's rendered the sidebar hardly useable, you can't distinguish anything...
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    Originally Posted by myapplelove View Post

    it's fast on the mac too.

    Yes, I originally slammed it for being not much of an upgrade, but having used it for 2 days now it is noticeably faster. Well done Apple developers!
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    Originally Posted by Mario View Post

    I really love this one:

    Nice. Installed.
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    Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for people to criticize the new iTunes icon with articles like this:

    I think we're so used to the old iTunes icon that this radical change just confused people to no end.
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    Ι don't think it's only that, the icon is patently uninspired. It didn't help either that itunes designers probably made the worst interface choices in a long time with the greyed out icons within.
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    Originally Posted by badtz View Post

    too grey on the left column, and the icon is hideously out of place in the dock :|

    I truly love the new interface look. It's fast and to the point. Finally all album art is pictured when randomly browsing.

    Love It
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    I wonder if it's true what has said about iTunes 10 having broken all Automators.

    I was going to learn Automator / AppleScript for a bunch of things. If this is true then it's poor quality.

    Using Apple's products is like having a great and beautiful girlfriend that occasionally kicks you in the balls for no reason.
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    Originally Posted by SactoMan01 View Post

    I think we're so used to the old iTunes icon that this radical change just confused people to no end.

    But it's not a radical change. When I first saw it in the the keynote I thought "They may have gotten rid of the CD, but they put a circle behind the musical note, which is almost the same. Must want to minimize the impact on people."

    And truthfully, I haven't had to stop and think "What's that?" before clicking on the new icon (But I have had to stop and think before minimizing the window, years of working on OS X have programmed me to move the mouse to a certain place. But even getting used to that now).
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