Apple rumored to announce newspaper subscription plan for iPad



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    Heck, if they just generated the magazines I subscribe to as PDFs and wrapped them in FairPlay (or whatever) I'd get it. It would be worth it to get rid of the stack of magazines on my coffee table and to have them all easily portable and available when and wherever time allowed.
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    Meanwhile, I really like the iPad I got on launch day. It is fun and useful. If I put off buying new technology while an update is coming, I'd be missing out on a lot of fun. That said, I do occasionally skip upgrades and cycles, simply because I don't need certain offered features. While Facetime looks cool, I don't "need" it in my iPad.

    Like all tech, upgrade and adopt when you have a use. Otherwise...meh.

    Agreed 100%. I just do this:

    1. Buy when I'm ready. Unless there is refresh expected within a month or 2, I don't play the waiting game.

    2. When a significant upgrade is released, sell the device and buy the new one.

    If you figure it is a lease, you can have your iPad for a year or more for not much money per month, and then upgrade to the new one. I just sold my 3rd gen iPod Touch for example, and it cost me about $80 to own it for a little a year.

    In any case, nobody knows what the new version will have and have not. I don't want to wait a year to find out that killer feature is not included. I'm one of those who would not upgrade for cameras or facetime so the next gen may hold little appeal for me.
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