Crowds line up for China iPad launch, China Unicom starts iPhone 4 pre-orders - report



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    <<<The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple's latest smartphone will cost Chinese customers at least CNY5,880 (about $875) and will require a two-year contract with China Unicom. >>>

    Can somebody explain why the iPhone is so expensive in China? Taxes? Unicom price gouging? Apple price gouging? If it is locked, why not buy an unlocked from HK and not get tied down to 2 year contract?

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    Any idea what's attached to the top of the boxes? I don't remember the US version having that smaller box on top.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple's not going to rush into the Chinese market, though. The company is focused on the long haul, prioritizing "building the brand for the long-term" over initial sales figures.

    Apple's specialty is building solid brand momentum over time, so this approach doesn't surprise me.

    I used to think that the "halo effect" was a myth, at least when the iPod first launched "way back in the day." Apple was an also-ran in the PC market, from my perspective. "Who uses Apple products?" I thought. I'd been a Windows developer (VC++ and MFC anyone?). Then I bought the original iPod. Later I bought the original Shuffle. Then the original white MacBook, which I fell in love with. Then a 17" MBP. Then an iPhone 3G, then a 3GS. Then another white MB... and then a 13" MBP. I haven't used Windows at home in over three years. I still work on Windows workstations on the job, but at home we're all Apple now.

    So, I think Apple's approach is working. Steady market penetration for the long haul.
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    Apple is the new Sony... or rather, the Sony even Sony wishes it could have been!
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Apple is the new Sony... or rather, the Sony even Sony wishes it could have been!

    Sony had been great. I mean, if there was no reincarnation of Apple in 1998, I think Sony would have been as sexy as Apple.
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,615member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple fans in China have a lot to celebrate today. In addition to receiving the iPad after months of anticipation, they are now able to pre-order the iPhone 4 from China Unicom, China's second-largest mobile operator.

    Oh no! I'm in Canada and the iphone has been unavailable since launch day 6 weeks ago. (unless you call every day to find out if another shipment is due and then line up two hours before store opening) If Apple keeps opening new markets when will I be able to buy a new iPhone?
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    Originally Posted by Postulant View Post

    These things are selling like hot cakes. I read where Best Buy's CEO said iPads are cannibalizing notebook sales in their retail stores by as much as 50%.

    So much for people not wanting a larger iPod touch.

    Hey Postulant

    When Steve introduced iPad on January 27, 2010, I started doing a lot of research about iPad, the market, and use cases. Early on, it became obvious to me the professional analyst's sales estimates were way, way too low. And, it's still way too low, even today!

    These professional analyst don't seem to comprehend that there are masses of people who never really wanted a Traditional PC, wether desktop, notebook, or netbook. Sure these masses of people want to use email, read books and articles, look at videos and photos, use social networks, browse the web, etc. They just don't like doing it on PC's. Many of these people in fact hate the damn things.*

    iPad is really what they've always wanted, even before Steve proclaimed it.

    Then there are the many business related use cases for an instant on, light weight, intuitive multitouch mobile OS, low up front cost and TCO, secure, app extendable, well built, long lasting battery, tablet thing.

    We've only seen the tip of this iceberg.



    Author of 'So You Got An iPad. Now What?'*

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    Originally Posted by deanbar View Post

    Hellooo........have you stopped to look at the geographic location of these S. American countries? Like you I'm in the UK, and Argentina is 4 hrs behind us this Friday morning 7.50am, so I don't think the Apple Stores will have opened yet! Do You?

    Laughing at your own jokes eh...

    As i read the article this morning i was merely prompting (or hoping) AI to report on these S American launches through the day.

    Now by the time i get home from work it'll be 7.00 BST which means these launches would be done and dusted. I can then relax back in my armchair around 8.00 and read all about them. You see there's method in my madness.

    Get with the program douche bag.
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    Well, I couldn't go to the first day release, but today is very quiet... which is not unexpected, iPad Wi-Fi 16G model is sold at S/.2,300 or $830, decisively pricey

    If a peruvian has a way to bring one from USA, it would cost him $630 after taxes are paid \

    I got mine this way, $795 for a 3G 16G model. Unfortunately, there is no 3G provider that has settled with Apple for a specific plan!! I'll have to try cutting a SIM card yet
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    Originally Posted by simtub View Post

    Does 4.2 drain the battery faster? I'm worried that with the inclusion of multitasking the ipad's battery will go down very fast. After upgrading to iOS4 my iPhone 3GS battery dies in 1/2 a days usage.

    I'm able to get between 2.5 to 4 days out of my iPad. Even if I lose a day, that's still pretty dang good.
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    go china

    g0 apple
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