How much revenue can I get from iAd?

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Hi there,

I am considering creating an app for the first time. Since it will represent a significant time investment, I am wondering if it will get a decent return ($) on my investment.

I am thinking of making the app free and running it with iAd. Therefore, I've been trying to find statistics about how much money developers typically get, but I've had no luck. COULD SOMEONE RUNNING iAd POST THEIR TYPICAL REVENUE? Thanks.

So far, I know that revenue will depend on the:

- App's Popularity

- App's Type/use

- App's User demographics

- Number of companies advertising on the iAd network

- Developer/Apple earning ratio (now at 60/40)

Also, these are the metrics I know (although I am not 100% sure):

- Requests: Number of times an add starts loading

- Impressions: Number of times an add completes loading

- Fill Rate: Impressions/Requests

- Click-through ratio (CTR): Clicks/Impressions

- Effective cost per thousand ad impressions (ePCM): [earnings/ad impressions] * 1000

Finally, here are some questions that I am hoping someone can answer:

- What are the formulas for calculating revenue in iAd, AdMob, and AdSense?

- Is it possible to get different revenue amounts with the same number of impressions and clicks (i.e. different ads being displayed)?

Thank you all.


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    If you have a great app, it will eventually make you money. The longer you delay development, the greater the liklihood you will delay your income potential.

    If at all possible, make your app as original and fun and easy to use as possible. Your success awaits.
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    If ``you' ' aren't a marketing department of a company, which can afford one, you earn $0. Otherwise, you know why no one will do what you ask us to.
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    SpamSandwich: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I think I will start this project very soon.

    ivan.rnn01: I am not talking in behalf of a company. I want to create this app for my own benefit. That is why I am trying to learn as much as I can since I will be on this all alone. You might be surprised, but I did find people who posted their revenues. This is what I've found so far:

    SAMPLE 1

    Period length: 14 days

    Requests: 185,000

    Impressions: 73,000

    Fill rate: 40%

    CTR: unknown

    eCPM: $4.55

    Revenue: $331.94

    Projected monthly revenue: $711.30

    SAMPLE 2

    Period length: 14 days

    Requests: unknown

    Impressions: 23,500

    Fill rate: unknown

    CTR: unknown

    eCPM: $8.46

    Revenue: $200

    Projected monthly revenue: $428.57

    SAMPLE 3

    Period length: 1 day

    Requests: 26.651

    Impressions: 9,300

    Fill rate: 34.90%

    CTR: 11.80%

    eCPM: $147.55 (This value is real, but it is unusually high. Normal range is $1-$10)

    Revenue: $1,372.20

    Projected monthly revenue: $41,166 (only if such high performance was maintained)

    PLEASE, if you are a developer running iAd, post your statistics. Thanks!
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