Apple improves US iPhone 4 shipping times to 5-7 days



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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,729member
    Originally Posted by ktappe View Post

    So you received yours today? It seems to me the ORDER date is what should count, even if that's not what Apple specifically said. If you ordered before Sept. 30, you should have a good argument for them. Good luck!

    I didn't receive mine today, I got it in-store. But when I called them just now and explained that it was not for lack of trying I only got one today they decided to send me one anyway. You gotta love Apple. They must have a helluva deal with UPS or FedEx cuz the free bumper is being sent by courier!


    "1p4"?? How does "iPhone 4" become "1p4"? "1" <> "i".

    I'm a guy - multitasking is not my forte. Say 'hello' to me while I'm dialling a number and I'll have to re-dial. Pathetic but true.
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    zoetmbzoetmb Posts: 2,655member
    I was in the Lincoln Center store on Saturday and there wasn't an iPhone in sight. I believe they usually have two tables worth of them. Didn't get a chance to ask why, but I assumed that supplies must still be very low, unless they were simply reorganizing the displays.
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    Originally Posted by paxman View Post

    My G3 had a seriously damaged back, a cracked screen and couldn't be turned off manually after I left it out in the rain!

    With the way you threw in the part about being at the store for your computer, I thought at first you were talking about an iBook G3. Dude, maybe it's time to upgrade?

    But I'm guessing you meant iPhone 3G. My bad.
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    mj webmj web Posts: 918member
    Where's that radically new antennae design Apple is supposedly hiding up its sleeve? Not!
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    Originally Posted by Damn_Its_Hot View Post

    Has anyone ever seen a white iPhone4 live? Do they really exist anywhere outside a lab (or in photoshop)?

    Originally Posted by msuberly View Post

    Good. Now where is that white iPhone.

    Something similar. Here's a link
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,759member
    White - the new unobtanium

    Now we know the real reason Papermaster left....

    Originally Posted by Boogerman2000 View Post

    Mossberg had one- link below. It's a bit confounding that Apple was able to release a review unit in white, yet they remain unable to get the thing out to the public so many months later.]

    What's so mystifying to understand that they can't produce the white ones that satisfy their standards in quantity ?

    Being able to kick out a few review units does not translate into the ability to kick out tens of millions of production units to obsessive end users...
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,759member
    Originally Posted by Boogerman2000 View Post

    I don't know how common the problem is, but I have two friends who have cracked backs on their 4's recently. They didn't have cases, but each said the cracks occurred as a result of a small drop-like a foot.. Anecdotal as it may be, it's something to be aware of.

    I have never dropped my iPhone - even a couple of feet. It simply boggles my mind how many people seem to just carelessly toss expensive devices like iPhones around.

    If people were paying attention more to what is going on around them than constantly yapping on phones, tweeing, sending email/text messages then maybe they wouldn't be dropping iPhones and driving distracted. Then again maybe the real klutzs need to kill their iPhones - they might not be nearly as distracted.

    I know the perfect gift you can get your friends that seem prone to breaking things - squaretrade replacement warranties! Christmas is coming up...
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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    I'm surprised there aren't more reports of cracked iPhone 4s

    The freaking glass is more durable than the plastic back of the previous generation. A co-worker dropped his iPhone about three feet on asphalt and a chunk of the glass about 1cm square came out, but other than that you would never know it had been abused. He did something similar with his 3G and ended up having to replace the screen.

    Forget simple cases, people that prone to dropping expensive equipment need cases with chains that can clip to a belt loop (or nose ring!) to catch their devices.
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    Originally Posted by Bageljoey View Post

    I had so little hope of replacement that I hadn't even backed up my pictures from the last week of vacation. I asked if I could come back the next day to get the replacement and they said "Don't count on it." I didn't!

    I'm surprised they didn't offer to make a backup for you and transfer it to the new phone. The Apple store I go to does this all the time for people.
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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 2,007member
    Originally Posted by DocNo42 View Post

    I'm surprised they didn't offer to make a backup for you and transfer it to the new phone. The Apple store I go to does this all the time for people.

    Nope. Second time for me. I had a 3GS with a charging problem a year ago that they replaced too. Both times they offered me time to email my photos to myself before they changed out the phone. They did transfer over my contacts (presumably so I could make calls on the way home) which was nice. But I can't expect them to be transferring tons of photos. Its a busy store.

    Thing is, after the first time (it had been about a week since last sync) I should have known better. The second time I was going to the Apple Store to pick up other items when, on a long shot I brought up the user error cracked screen. I'm still surprised/pleased that they repaired it...
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