Autodesk releases native AutoCAD 2011 for Mac



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    Originally Posted by Macster2 View Post

    AutoCad......... @ best that program might be worth about $1500 for a single user license.

    While I agree ACAD is far to expensive given what little ADSK has added to it over the past 5-8 years, the prices are on par with the Windows version.

    The thing that pisses me off with the licensing is that they don't dual-license Revit with AutoCAD. For the extortion pricing they have, there is no logical argument for this. I hate Revit, but... we are stuck with it.
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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,692member
    Those of you complaining about the price must not be very familiar with Autodesk products. Or any highly specialized and sophisticated software created for small markets. These wares cost a fortune to develop and maintain. I know Autodesk Lustre costs something like $55k and you still need another $60k of certified hardware to run it on. Smoke for Mac is $15k and needs another $30k or so in hardware to get the most out of it.

    So $4k for AutoCad seems just about right.
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    celcocelco Posts: 211member
    Just installed autocad 2011 trial up and running on 2008 MAC PRO 3,1.... Does not require newest machines.Though eats ram....
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    Originally Posted by noirdesir View Post

    Let's see, 18 years ago was 1992, when Windows 3.1 was just released, three years before Windows 95. They dropped Mac OS 7 for Windows 3.1?

    Meh - I started on release 8 for DOS. I never did care for the windows release, having gotten used to the command line. I stopped using it around the time they dropped the DOS version which was OK with me.

    Every time I use vector drawing programs I start looking for trim and extend...
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    Excellent offer, and well overdue -- and free to students and academics such as professors (I'm a prof) -- however, even as free software, the ancient interface and shaky performance sent me screaming back to order a long-overdue upgrade for Ashlar-Vellum's infinitely superior Cobalt CAD package.

    The AutoCAD renderer will leave you profoundly unimpressed (unless you haven't ever used a renderer), and the Mac version apparently doesn't support either uniform or gradient backgrounds (?!), so get used to rendering in a giant black void. Maybe that void is where AutoCAD for Mac was hiding for the past two decades...
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    The mobile version is very welcome. I plan to get an iPad shortly, and this will not be very helpful on site. However, you MUST have a network connection to use it as there's no local storage, or iDisk support. You have to use their website to store the files on - a big mistake I believe. Substations often don't have very good reception.
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    1st1st Posts: 372member
    are"t they brought maya too? naturally it should work together.... (wait and see).
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