Apple plans massive retail expansion for 2011



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    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    Such as? This is basically what Apple has been saying.

    Go look at the store listing, in the first 6 not one of them is in an area like you say they are. Some have multiple stores in those areas. I live in a different area with a store and far less population than any of those.

    A much better metric than population is projections of Apple's demographic within the stores targeted radius. I've heard the Nordstrom theory on Apple Store placement: Apple actively works centers with Nordstrom stores or planned Nordstrom stores. Over the last few years I can't remember being in a mall with a Nordstrom that didn't also have an Apple Store.
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    Originally Posted by drosophila View Post

    Auckland City with a population of 1.5 million is also neighoured by a city 40 minutes away with a population of 400,000 - population density isn't the issue here. Several cities in Australia which are smaller than Auckland have Apple Stores, and these cities are miles away from any other city, meaning that a city of only 1 million is considered large enough. Besides, Zurich where I live, has 2 Apple Stores and a population of 300,000.....

    Yeah, but Zurich is just one place in a small area with plenty of people around that.

    I imagine Apple makes exceptions to those rules if it thinks there's a good reason. But it doesn't make them often. The primary idea here is for the store to make a profit.
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    Originally Posted by mcarling View Post

    In my opinion, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata could each support one Apple Store.

    Apple hasn't done too well in India so far.
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    Originally Posted by Futuristic View Post

    India please?

    i've been to India twice since 2008. Chennai and Bangalore were the cities i visited and can see an Apple Store opening in Bangalore (if the market conditions are right).
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    How about a store in the Ozarks? It takes me four hours to find the closest Apple Store and have to make it a major trip to go the Memphis. How about Branson, MO? Everyone else is there.... That would cut my travel time in half.
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    Originally Posted by coffeetime View Post

    "The company currently operates 317 stores, 84 of which are outside the US."

    Er, if by "currently" you mean at the of the fiscal quarter, you are correct. If "currently" includes today, that number sits at 319.

    IF BY "at the of the fiscal quarter" you mean "at the END of the fiscal quarter" then YOU are correct.
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