Apple previews Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, bringing iOS features 'Back to the Mac'



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    I seriously hope they have something more impressive to show us later. The whole segment on Mac OS X Lion was underwhelming.

    Did anyone else notice the lack of a title bar on the Mac App Store application window?

    And the application launcher, what's wrong with having two buttons with arrows pointing left and right. Much quicker to operate with a mouse than with the multi-touch surface of the mouse. The demonstrator looked like he was having problems having the OS register what he was trying to do.

    The new MacBook Air was news worthy at least.
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    I really hope that Apple KEEPS the ability to use the touch screen. There are plenty of multitouch capable displays already entering the market.

    Hopefully, they have an update in a few months to a MacBookAIR with a multitouch display and a "fold-over" keyboard.

    Steve had a great point about vertically touching a screen all day (but I guess he hasn't read the studies about all the health + IQ improvements you get from STANDING at work -- oh well, wait a few years for those ergonomics). BUT...

    ...The iPad is pretty cool for kids for their "horizontal" usage. A lot of iTouch/iPhone games are fun because you are able to touch the objects and move them.

    >> Otherwise, very pleased that some of the iPhone features are coming back to the Mac -- not really a surprise, they seem to have a pretty good business / design model of re-using code. It reminds me of the old days of OpenDoc and then NeXT computer -- where "components" were used to build more complicated apps. Apple is taking that a bit further now, with the interface elements as re-usable. Keeping a consistent screen size with 2 or 4 times resolution with the iPad is useful.

    However, I'm hoping that Apple does a better job with returning to a consistent interface style guideline. There is no telling anymore, where a CONTINUE button is going to be located.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    Actually, giving Apple 30% of the profits you can easily get more sales to make up for that. Not to mention put up the price of your apps. We'll see.

    The Mac App Store is about simplicity.
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    tjwtjw Posts: 216member
    Originally Posted by Joe hs View Post

    That's the problem. Lose 30% of your income, or be left behind.

    It's not a problem. Apps are cumbersome. One app for every platform. The future is web based apps. The whole apple wall garden will come tumbling down then.

    Interesting to see whether steve and his cronies let utorrent and flash be distributed through the app store though.
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    Come on people! Why the outrage over a Mac App Store? Steve said it won't be the only way to sell apps for OS X, you can still do it like it's done now. It's just another alternative. You get a really great integrated solution for managing and marketing your apps, and you stand a good chance of more people actually discovering your app. Sure 30% is quite steep, but for a lot of people it's worth it. Don't like it? Don't use it. It's that simple. And no, I don't think that means you'll be left behind.
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    Originally Posted by Joe hs View Post

    That's the problem. Lose 30% of your income, or be left behind.

    You do not get it. Let's say you make $1,000 a month and get 100% of profit and now you sell via Mac apps store and make $2,000 and have to give 30% away, which option would you take.
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    pik80pik80 Posts: 148member
    Rather then just showing a screen of apps it would be nice to show documents from the app that you recently opened and be able to open multiple documents at the same time. I really don't see how this is a better solution then the way you currently access apps now. I can find an app in one second flat by typing it's name into spotlight, why is this new way any better? The way to improve searching would be to put in tagging into the open/save dialog box and finder. There currently is no good way to do this now.
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    gamringamrin Posts: 114member
    I don't know if I get the idea of Launchpad. I mean, once you put your Applications folder in your dock, don't you pretty much already have the equivalent of Launchpad? I have nothing against offering multiple ways to access apps and files, I just wonder what extra functionality Launchpad brings over what's currently available in Snow Leopard.

    Now, as a way to make iPad and iPhone users more likely to buy into the Mac OS, I guess I can see how Launchpad might be useful.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Actually, giving Apple 30% of the profits you can easily get more sales to make up for that. Not to mention put up the price of your apps. We'll see.

    The Mac App Store is about simplicity.

    The BIG software companies already have mind-share. So they won't be happy with the iStore.

    The startups might be happy (at first), because 30% without chasing customers and bundling is a good deal.

    Successful shareware companies might gripe -- but they probably are going to be better off on average if it reduces the number of "free loaders."

    But the management of these apps for 30% when upgrades and resales are usually around 15% for most software companies.

    I think Apple is going to need to have a 30% and a 15-10% track on revenue fees. It's not like people need their .

    >> This also might be a pain for more advanced users/programs that require some OS tweaking and dependent files -- but the app packaging on a Mac is definitely MOSTLY there for it to work. However - I don't know why there needs to be an Application Support inside the Library folder -- it always made more sense to me for an app to have it's own Library in it's own APP folder.
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    oskiooskio Posts: 60member
    Wow, Full Screen Apps! That is amazing, revolutionary! Nothing at all like Maximize on a PC. /sarcasm

    This has been my number one complaint about macs since I switched a decade ago....and I have to wait until Summer until I get it....bummer. But still happy it is finally here...

    Now if they could natively have the menu bar on multiple monitors.....
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by Joe hs View Post

    That's the problem. Lose 30% of your income, or be left behind.

    I really don't get this attitude. If the app has any value at all you will increase your income. App store clearly has worked out very well for iOS developers. Especially the small time developers where running your own portal is very expensive in the way of time.

    Six months after Mac app store hits there will be more software available for the Mac than any other platform. That simply because app store has been an enabler for the small time developer.
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    I hope this means that apple won't get overtaken by apps in the store and no more apps not in the store. I see that this move was probably made with the new air in mind. I'm super excited. I hope that lion has more features that are not iphone like though.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Mac OS X Lion. I want window-zoom changed to "fullscreen" button...

    Mate, you f**ing called it spot on... DUH-AMMNN DUDE

    Only thing is, it won't do it all the time, thus potentially adding more confusion.
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    Originally Posted by Joe hs View Post

    That's the problem. Lose 30% of your income, or be left behind.

    If your making sales because of apple's store, apple's format, apple's genius algorithms. If you sell your software in a brick and mortar store, the store gets a cut, why would this be different.

    Again, if it doesn't work and sales dint increase, then don't use it!
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    eauviveeauvive Posts: 237member
    I agree. The Lion demo was a botch. There is no new tech, just cosmetics. I expected to have some more technical details : kernel, cocoa evolutions, CPU/GPU blending, 64-bit for all Mac capable computers, etc. Very disappointing. Maybe developers will get more infos…
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    jasenj1jasenj1 Posts: 923member
    So Apple has gone from a single button mouse to multi-touch gestures. It will be very interesting to see how that plays out. The guy demoing Mission Control had problems with the gestures being recognized. How frustrating will false readings be for end users? It looks like the OS reserve a lot of gestures for its own use. Or will they be assignable like mouse buttons are today?

    These changes do move toward a unified user experience on Mac and iOS devices. But unlike Microsoft who took the desktop to the phone/tablet, Apple is bringing the small device UI to the desktop. Apple's move seems smarter.

    I'm not sold on the launch pad. I'm perfectly happy with the Apps folder in the Dock. But I guess it is like a giant full screen contextual menu. And harmonizes the user experience.

    To those whining about the App Store: Sheesh. Take a pill. Apple is providing a robust shopping and distribution channel, and a way to do updates. That seems like a lot of infrastructure and capability they're setting up for the developers. I expect there will be rules against selling an app on the App Store for $15 and selling it through your own web site for $10.

    They spent a lot of time demoing iLife, but not much time on Lion. I had hoped to see more.

    - Jasen.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Apple Store is back up.
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    Originally Posted by Joe hs View Post

    That's the problem. Lose 30% of your income, or be left behind.

    He never said the AppStore was required. If you don't like it, just keep selling the old way. Apple takes care of billing and hosting as they do with the iPhone. You also get more exposure on the AppStore. They take 30% of your income, you get 400% more customers. BTW, this is no different then selling in a brick and mortar store. Same benefits, same markup.
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    I think that apple may make lion a free upgrade because they will integrate features that work with the mac app store. They will want people to buy their stuff so they will subsidize the cost by making the OS free and then making back the money via the apps. That's my guess.
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    To all the "developer" trolls that magically appeared. So with your awesome apps, which I am sure you all just pump out, I am guessing not only electronic download versions but DVD shelf versions all well, you get very limited "traffic" to your app, with the Mac App store you will have EVERY Mac user looking at your awesome great wonderful app, it's like having 2 person foot traffic at your store one day and then 30 million people the next and you are bitching about what? At least think about what you are going to troll in the future, you make the most retarded complaints.
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