iLife 11 trouble

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Guys, be careful with iLife 11, it is not ready for day to day usage!

Me and other users already encountered multiple annoying bugs:

- iPhoto doesn't import videos recorded with iPhone 3GS (MOV files!!), claiming it does not recognize the file format.

- iPhoto crashes arbitrarily when pressing the space-bar to play a video. Some videos play, other crash the app - all recorded from my iPhone.

- iPhoto crashes when trying to apply Themes to slideshows - any theme, any slideshow.

- iPhoto didn't import all slideshows from previous version - no idea where the missing slideshows are.

- iPhoto imported all photos into one folder!

- iPhoto goes into infinite loop when trying to update it's database (first launch after install).

- blurred images after update.*

- iPhoto asks to re-import entire library every time it is launches.

- iPhoto events containing iPhone videos are not shown in library.

- iPhoto events containing iPhone videos are shown but app freezes when double clicking the event containing them.


- iMovie crashed several times when trying to create thumbnails for videos.

- iMovie crashes when trying to import videos from iPhone 3GS (video recorded on the iPhone (iOS 4.1)).*

- iMovie re-creates thumbnails every time it is launched.


- entire suite is much slower than iLife 09, why?!


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    I couldn't stand it, I downgraded to iLife09

    iPhoto11 just doesn't work at all, it crashes on so many things it is barely usable. Shame on Apple for releasing such a piece of crap. I see many other people downgrading as well on the Apple official forums. What a disgrace...

    My recommendation: stay away from iLife11!

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    Hhhmm, I was just about to upgrade. Are you both using OSX Snow Leopard?

    Is this happening to everyone? Haven't experienced so much problems you mentioned from any Apple apps.
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