Nintendo president says Apple a bigger threat than Microsoft in games



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    Of course apple are the biggest threat to nintendo. They both make platforms that specialise in party gaming/occasional gaming/crap gaming.

    No serious gamer buys anything from nintendo or apple for gods sake.

    Apple gaming = shit

    nintendo gaming = great if you are under 12 or want something quirky

    Microsoft and Sony are where it is at and I don't see that changing. Like another poster said, Steve Jobs doesn't get gaming and we all know apple is a one man band
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    As a parent who games, the ipod touch is idea for my kids. It's not the initial price of the device, it's the ongoing expense - the games. I can reward my kids with a game a week for good behavior. Many games are a buck or free. So what if they only play them for a 2 weeks or a month. In a year I don't spend more than $60 on games for an iPod. On top of that every game they have is with them where ever we go. No leaving or loosing cartridges.

    For casual gamers and time wasters an ipod/iphone is ideal. I have my Playstation 3 at home for the serious time wasting. I really see them as two different markets though. Even my original PSP has more stuff to haul around with it than the ipod.

    Maybe iPod gaming isn't for hardcore gamers. But that's not the market Apple is currently targeting. They have made gamers out of thousands of people who weren't gamers. Even my 60 year old mother plays sudoku on her iphone. Prior to her iphone, casual gaming was doing the crossword in the paper everyday.

    As someone said before, add in movies and music etc. and the pitch for the ipod is pretty convincing in my situation (for kids). Consider it a gateway drug to gaming.

    Both casual gaming and hardcore enthusiast gaming can exist in the market place. It's not an either or situation. If you don't see it that way, your not looking at the whole picture. I want Call of Duty for the PS3 but I also want to play Mega Jump on my phone. Developers can make money in either or both markets if they choose.
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    Kids who are just looking to have something to do while on the bus may get an iPod Touch - but there is no comparison to the DS and PSP in terms of in-depth gaming. Nintendo's sales may go down, but they surely aren't out. As early as 1st grade I was getting heavily involved with Zelda, Pokemon, etc. Kids who love video games won't be satisfied with the iPod Touch.

    There were cheap $10 mini games around then, too. Those throw away packages that had a simple game inside. They were cool for a bit, but they don't last for truly involved gaming.
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    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    The US is bout 30% of the modern smartphone market - and the iPhone has 28% of that on a network with 25% of all devices. It could easily get to 40% of the American market - a market which makes the headline news. In other coutries, except China it seems, the iPhone is ahead.

    Considering the size of the US compared with the EU and the rest of the world we can expect the USA's share of the modern smartphone market to decline. In five years time I doubt the US will still be 30% of the market. Verizon's chunk of the global market is therefore becoming less important.

    Got any statistics about iPhone v Android in other countries? I was under the impression that Android - in countries where it has launched ie countries where Gogle has launched the Android Marketplace - is doing very well. Might not be ahead of the iPhone as the iPhone came out first but Android is growing much faster and will soon take the lead.
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    thank you very much.
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