Wi-Gear CEO denies rumors of Apple acquisition

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A rumor that Apple had acquired Bluetooth iOS headphone maker Wi-Gear was put to rest Wednesday when the Wi-Gear CEO proclaimed it false.

Earlier this week, a rumor appeared that Apple had acquired the now-defunct company. The rumor cited as evidence the ceasing of operations at Wi-Gear and changes to cofounder Michael Kim's Linkedin profile, which now states that he is working for Apple as a "Bluetooth iOS engineer." The acquisition was alleged to have taken place about two months ago.

"The rumor is false," Wi-Gear CEO Mark Pundsack said in an e-mail to Barron's. "Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale."

Wi-Gear formerly made a line of "iMuffs" Bluetooth wireless headphones with adapters for iPhones and iPods that lack Bluetooth 2.0 support. Apple previously offered a Bluetooth headset alongside the original iPhone in 2007, but discontinued the product in March 2009.

The disproving of the rumor calls into question speculation that Apple could create its own line of wireless headphones, though if Kim has indeed taken a role as a "Bluetooth iOS engineer" at Apple, it could result in better support for Bluetooth from the company.


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    Could be the reason why it's being denied. Time will tell
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    I rather liked Apple's bluetooth earpiece. I thought it was very elegant compared to the rest of what was available. Granted the battery life (half a day at best) was not that great and not being able to listen to a podcast or music seemed odd. Again, probably due to the lack of battery capacity. But I must say, I preferred it over the wired head phones Apple supplies now.

    I would be interested in what others think is a good bluetooth for the iPhone 4??

    It seems the whole bluetooth in your ear is somewhat passe. Rather like having a pager on your belt or a calculator watch on your wrist was in years past.

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    News Flash: Apple hires employee, could result in work getting done.
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    UPDATE: Employee declines to comment, top secret device possibly under construction.
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    UPDATE: Vietnamese blogs have no pictures of new top secret device, manufacturing issue to blame?
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    UPDATE: Gene Munster raises estimate on AAPL, could hit $52 billion per share by 2020.
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    foobarfoobar Posts: 107member
    I guess Apple wanted their know-how rather than their actual devices. They realized they could just hire the guy who made them.

    The other co-founder probably has no engineering skills and decides to sell the company.
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    Steve Jobs: "I Don?t Want Us To Descend Into a Nation of Bloggers"
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