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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by macvasco:

    [QB]I read some article today in an old issue of Newsweek about Koreans eating dogs and how disgusting it was and how badly the dogs were treated. All I could think of all throughout the article was if the guy that wrote it sat down that night and had steak for dinner?

    I mean, I couldn´t think of eating a dog but if people like it and they want to, I see no difference between eating a dog or a pig.

    I agree. I ate a friend of mine and the idiotic police gave me 20 years.

    P.S come to dinner with me if you like. Bring a friend
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    [quote]Originally posted by jimmac:

    [QB]...just because you come from somewhere else than the USA doesn't mean you can't be wrong...

    ...If you can't muster compassion for a loving, loyal animal like a dog how can you ever have it for a human? Dogs who are lost have been known to travel hundreds of miles to be reunited with their master. That's love not just affection.


    Sure, anyone can be wrong.

    We haven't even touched upon some other disgusting animals that people eat just to survive. I'm not saying a dog is one of those you eat for survival.

    These dogs you speak about are ones who have been trained and conditioned to love. Dogs from other lands can be wild, rabid and non-domesticated.

    As far as love, it's through upbringing. The same love can be demonstrated if you teach a gorilla.
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