Evidence suggests Apple could launch iTunes Live Streaming



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    Apple have been using "iTunes Live" for ages. This naming convention is nothing new. Do you actually look up any of this stuff before you write these stories? Even fanboys think you're a fanboy.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    I'm going for Yoko Ono's entire collection of music being available.

    Stop reading Fireball.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    I dunno, he seems to be making a wild guess really. I mean he ends up saying it's about the Beatles catalogue which is probably the least likely option.

    Sure, he? guessing, but I think his reasoning is sound. It doesn?t mean he?s correct. Neither he nor I are are stating that.


    The clocks likely don't mean anything because they already mean what they are .. simply the times that the announcement will be made in those countries. There is no reason to assume there is some hidden *extra* meaning in the clocks given that they already have that meaning. They also don't spell anything, and are completely *dissimilar* to the cover of "Help!" no matter what you've heard about that.

    Even if it turns out to be about the Beatles (although why anyone in Japan will get up at midnight to find out that I don't know), the idea that it is because the sentence is "sorta" like an old Paul McCartney song title, and the clocks "sorta" look like the cover of one of their old albums is ridiculous on the face of it.

    I think the time does correspond to some event at the times stated in the image. Some ?switch? being flipped for all countries right about the same time.


    Yoko Ono's complete music catalogue is and has been on iTunes for ages.

    I?d like to say thank you, but for once I really don?t care about some useless fact. That?s where ti draw the line.
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    alfiejralfiejr Posts: 1,524member
    the Beatles would be a nice attention grabber, but hardly qualify as "unforgettable." only universal access to your music anyplace anytime would merit that hyperbola.

    steraming media content stored in full at the NC data center is not the only way to do that. that would entail a massive amount of centralized data downloading. the other lightweight way is from your widely dispersed local iTunes library media files, but in the background without iTunes having to be open (which is the big limitation now of Home Sharing). the data center would make the connections and provide any necessary buffer, perhaps storing the small library metadata files for each iTunes account for easy remote UI access.

    this would avoid having to license "new downloads" from the mediacos as long as the recieving devices are already authorized for that account.

    what's the difference? well, (1) your iTunes library computer will need to be powered up, and (2) you would have access to all your iTunes media, including stuff you ripped or created, not just what Apple sells.

    i think (2) is really important. there is software you can buy now to do this, yes, but they run outside iTunes, require unique accounts, can't stream protected iTunes media, and handle buffering locally which is somewhat problematic.

    well, we'll know in a few hours.
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    juandljuandl Posts: 230member
    I think the Beatles will finally be announced. But there won't be to much FanFare because of that.

    I think Apple will just Copy what Microsoft and Amazon have to offer.

    Wait you might say. Apple does not have permission from the Labels to do that.

    I think they will show some 'cojones', and tell the Labels, "Take us to Court if you want". There has to be a law or something saying that they cannot offer one thing to one company, but not to another.

    Apple has wanted to do things the right way and work with the Labels for the longest time. I think also that it is time to force themselves a little bit.

    Who knows, maybe the TV Content providers might get a hint also.

    As I said. Everyone can guess now. Tomorrow might be a beautiful day.
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    Originally Posted by Porchland View Post

    That doesn't mean Apple won't announce streaming too, but it sounds like Beatles will be at least part of the announcement.

    Lets hope if Beatles are involved, it's just PART of an announcement.

    I know a lot of people want the Beatles, but for many many people it would not be a day they'd never forget!
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    iTunes Live is what the concerts within Apple Retail stores are labelled... I worked for Apple and had an iTunes Live t-shirt at the beginning of last year.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ... the labels argued that streaming a single purchase to multiple devices constituted multiple uses ...

    So, when I bought the soundtrack to Car Wash on cassette and played it in my car cassette deck then in my boombox, I was guilty of "multiple uses"? It's still one copy that I owned and I used it in multiple places.

    I think the real record exec fear is that someone will buy "Poker Face" for $1.29, then stream it to everyone in the world for free. Not that someone will buy "Poker Face" (but who would want to, really) and listen to it on their iPod and their Mac and their peecee without paying a single penny more.
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    I hope that isn't the big news.

    I don't care if I can stream my entire 10GB collection of music at any location....assuming I have a convenient wifi connection or an expensive data plan. I don't want to pay extra for more data, nor do I want to search for a wifi hotspot.

    I can already stream my music at home. When I am out the music on my phone is more than enough. Can people REALLY not survive access to their entire library at every moment of their lives? Oh my!

    I would MUCH RATHER have Apple give use the iTunes equivalent to the Zune subscription. I would love to pay $15.00 for 10 songs I get to keep, plus unlimited streaming AND downloading of music. For the same $15.00 a month I can buy 5 more songs on iTunes (true - unless the song is more than $.99) but my listening options are MUCH smaller.

    Come on Apple. Step up and give people what they really want...not what you want to give us!!!
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    Originally Posted by djsherly View Post

    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    A text label for "iTunes Live Streaming URL" discovered in iTunes 10.1 suggests Apple's announcement tomorrow will indeed launch the iTunes Live brand it trademarked earlier this year.

    iTunes 'Live' sounds like a tag Microsoft would give their products.

    It is. Microsoft's entire cloud software/service suite falls under the "Live" banner. They have something like 20 products that are "Live - something".

    Obviously Microsoft don't have a trademark on "Live", and there has to be a million other products with "Live" in their name, but considering who these two companies are you would think that Apple would try to avoid giving their cloud platform the same branding as Microsoft.

    It's the equivalent of Microsoft re-branding their media player as iZune.

    So I'm forced to call bullshit on this one. If Apple went with "iTunes Live" for their cloud based iTunes it would be a cock up of monumental proportions and totally out of character - Apple's product names are usually great.
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    In Australia Apple has an iApp called iTunes Live: Aria Awards that showcases a number of performances leading up to the Australian music awards. You can see it here.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ...A Wall Street Journal report in late April stated that Apple's negotiations hadn't made progress "because the labels argued that streaming a single purchase to multiple devices constituted multiple uses, which meant they should receive more for the songs they sell through iTunes."....

    This issue is the major part of this discussion. If I'm the owner of all three, five or whatever devices, AND I'm the one who paid for the music, AND I want to play my music on any of my devices, THEN that's a single use.

    What do the record labels think -- that I have five pairs of ears? That my head is able to be located in multiple rooms of the house at once? Or perhaps they think that I want to play country in my office, rap in the kitchen, and opera in the bedroom at once -- running rapidly between rooms.

    My error. I used the words "record labels" and "think" in the same sentence. How silly of me.

    Now WHERE is that icon for the upraised finger digit?
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    Maybe there will be more than the Beatles. Maybe you don't think this is historic and will forget rather than never forget. But egads, c'mon. Just another day. Paul McCartney song. Times in Japan (Yoko Ono), London (Beatles outset), New York (Ed Sullivan show?) and California (Apple birthplace and headquarters). Four times. Fab four. And so on. Long before the WSJ announced they know something, it was just so obvious. Likely other clues in there, and Steve loves one more thing. And maybe something about how it is presented online will impress. Either way, announcements every few weeks are as good as free advertising gets. There was a time when Apple did the same and got little attention. Those days are gone forever, it seems.
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    Originally Posted by camroidv27 View Post

    Nope, this is just a fake out.

    It will be an apple branded teddy bear. That is all.

    Already been done!

    In action:



    In the mid 1980's a customer walked into our San Jose Computer store with one of these.

    We put it on the counter next to the cash register.

    Every time someone would buy something or ask a question -- AG would join in the conversation.

    Everybody wanted to buy one (or more) so we started reselling them -- our most popular item for several months.

    One customer, an executive with a local insurance company, bought a bunch of them. We were installing Mac LANS to do claims processing and check printing in seven branch offices throughout California. Every few weeks, Bob would take the tour of the branches to train new-hires, resolve problems, etc.

    Bob, would load up the rear seat of his car with a bunch of AG Bears -- they would provide "conversation" (a sounding board) on those long drives between branches.

    After one trip, Bob called us out to his car, where he had 9 or so of these AG Bears -- just singin' away...

    ... You had to be there

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    I hope it's something better than just the Beatles catalogue on iTunes...
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by kfury77 View Post

    I hope it's something better than just the Beatles catalogue on iTunes...

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    Originally Posted by kfury77 View Post

    I hope it's something better than just the Beatles catalogue on iTunes...

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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,953member
    Originally Posted by Alfiejr View Post

    the Beatles would be a nice attention grabber, but hardly qualify as "unforgettable." only universal access to your music anyplace anytime would merit that hyperbola.

    Wasn't it a reference to a song title or a song lyric?
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