$50 sale leaves Radio Shack with nationwide shortage of Apple's iPhone



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    What gives? Iphones sell extremely well without promotions. Why all the discounts? Because it?s going to Verizon next year baby!!! They?re emptying their inventory, letting ATT get as many customers as they can in preparation for Verizon. It?s the only strategy I see anyway.

    I still don't believe there will be a Verizon CDMA phone but your logic is hard to refute.
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    Margin on hardware is insignificant.

    If apple were any other company....they would pay you 5 bucks to take an iPhone, and then laugh at you as you spend 100 bucks a month on service and drain your gaming, music and entertainment budget on the real profit center....iTunes.

    But why? They can charge you 200-800 bucks for an iDevice and you will buy that....and still drain your bank account on iTunes purchases.

    Why is it that apple can sell, to the point of 2 month lead times, on the network that the media loves to hate, phones that are hated and bad mouthed by anyone who can't afford one, has a shabby antenna design that doesn't work, breaks when you drop them, needs a computer to activate them when (if) they fail to the point of restore, 'needs' wifi to video conference, doesn't release the speed of the processor, 'doesn't' run flash, has no portable removable media storage, no hardware keyboard, and only achieves 4-6 Mbps download speeds on 3G networks while other phones can rock out on advanced 4G networks delivering consistent 1-3 Mbps during the daytime when not in a building.........

    Yet carriers are giving away those open source (but not really open) android units for free....

    Google is simply constructing advertisement framework. That's where they make money. Android is the perpetual free beta....just like everything else Google. And it's not bad...considering it's free.

    Why would anyone complain about free? You don't get angry customers when your design sucks and doesn't deliver.....when it's free.
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