iPad tops Mossberg's list of best reviewed products of 2010



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    Originally Posted by White Rabbit View Post

    Could you please make coherent statements and not revert to using the term Fanboys, it is extremely boring to read your posts.

    Unless you have something relevant to write, then do not post on our site.

    As it implies this is an Apple-centric site, so why are you on here ?

    So don't read them. And what I wrote was relevant to the post and David Pogue is the known Apple gusher at the NY Times not Walt Mossberg. And all of that is "Apple- centric" unlike your baseless attack.
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    Samsung Galaxy S? Samsung is HORRIBLE at updating their Google products, why would you pick them? The thing released one version of Android behind (2.1) and is maybe going to get 2.2. All the while the Samsung-made Nexus S is released with 2.3, and it's the Galaxy's virtual twin.

    Mossberg needs to do his research a little better.
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    In other news Steve Jobs uses an iPhone.

    Mossberg is a paid hack for Apple.
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