Apple's next-gen iPad to have three models, including CDMA - rumor



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    Originally Posted by pika2000 View Post

    Doubt it. LTE model would make more sense at this point in time. CDMA = provider locking, something that Apple has been avoiding with the iPad.

    1) Consider that AT&T?s ?3G? covered more area and more people than Verizon?s LTE does now when Apple introduced the original iPhone which only supported GSM(GPRS/EDGE).

    2) Consider that Jobs gave a reason for not supporting ?3G? in the original iPhone because the chips were too large and power hungry, something which will not change for the first generation of LTE chips.

    3) Consider that we?ll see a handful of LTE capable phones at CES next week but none will likely be shipping in the proposed time frame that the Verizon iPhone will be shipping.

    Everything says that an LTE iPhone will not be arriving this year.
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    Originally Posted by mitchell_pgh View Post

    It wouldn't surprise me, but the data plans out there are still very expensive and wifi is becoming ubiquitous anywhere I would use one.

    I can understand your point about the ubiquity of wifi around town - every coffee shop - bookstore - mcDonald's seems to have a wifi setup these days.

    However, for those of us who delight in traveling by Amtrak several times a year (chi-sfo for me) the 3G is essential. And yes, I know that we rail fans are <.01% of iPad users. But still...
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    Originally Posted by Carmissimo View Post

    As for the question of switching to OLED, there is no reason to do so at this time. LED works just fine and is substantially cheaper. Supply constraints are beside the point.

    OLEDS suck. The blue's wear out (fade) faster than the other colors, causing color shifting. That's OK for devices like phones that used to live for a couple of years, but I still use my original 3G as an iPod Touch - I'd be seeing color shifting by now

    Quantum Dot LED displays are going to be the next big thing in display tech - OLED is stillborn:

    Easier to manufacture, longer life, no issues with Blue vs. other colors...

    In the meantime, the IPS displays Apple is using are pretty darn good. I'll take the Retina display in my iPhone 4 over any OLED screen - the clarity of it is just astonishing - it's a pleasure to look at.
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    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    And yet the cheapest iPod Touch - basically an iPhone 4 inside - costs $200.

    With a screen that costs proportionately less.

    Again, do you think everyone but Apple is picking 7" displays because they want to? It's the only way they can be price competitive with Apple on the iPad

    The display is the most expensive item in these devices! Especially the high end displays that Apple is using!
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