Apple's iPhone most popular item on eBay in 2010

in iPhone edited January 2014
Apple's iPhone beat out Barbie and the World Cup to take the coveted spot of most popular item on eBay's Top Shopped 2010 list, while the iPad came in fifth.

eBay compiles the annual list by analyzing sale and search data from the year to track top shopping trends.

Over 1.63 million iPhone 4 related items were sold on eBay in 2010, according to eBay. The iPad and its related items saw over 600,000 sales this year, enough to take fifth place for the year.

Barbie came in second with 1.17 million sales. "Military jackets" took third place, while the classic Hot Wheels toys came in fourth. Rounding out the list were the World Cup, The Beatles, Silly Bandz, Alice in Wonderland and the New Orleans Saints.

The list demonstrates significant gains by Apple, as last year's list did not include any technology items. Sales of iPhone items this year nearly tripled the sales of last year's top seller, "The Yankees," which sold 551,230 items in 2009.

Apple's products have topped several year-end lists as 2010 comes to a close. Time magazine gave the iPad the title of No. 1 gadget of 2010, while the MacBook Air, iPhone 4 and Apple TV all made the top 10 list.

The iPad, iOS and iPhone were three of the top four tech topics on Twitter this year. Apple rival Google took second place with its Android mobile operating system.

And journalist Walt Mossberg ranked the iPad as his best reviewed product of 2010, calling it "amazing." The iPhone 4 tied for third place with the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S.


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    of course
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    iliveriliver Posts: 299member
    ... and the iPad will be in 2011.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    "Military jackets" took third place

    What the hell? Either US military is running out of funds or AlQaeda has found an awesome place to shop on cyber monday.
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    more specifically, the *unlocked* iphones are the best seller
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    My ignore list so far: annoymouse, sfloco, slopsism.

    Hey Liverlips, how do we qualify for your "ignore" list? I wanna join the petite coterie you've listed!
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