2011 marks Apple's tenth anniversary of Mac OS X, iPod, Apple Retail



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    For Apple, retail used to be terrible. Why it took Jobs and everybody else at Apple so long to figure that out still amazes me.

    Sure Macintosh users could find a reseller, but those customers were already 'sold.' That didn't 'sell' their products.

    But just as Apple needed to transition from system 7 to OS X, they needed to have the developers transition. They were looking at OS X as an even smaller market share than OS 9, Who would even sell their products. Apple could finally say, "We will. We are going to have our own stores."
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    Originally Posted by chromos View Post

    "System 7"? Don't you mean to say "MacOS 9"?

    9.1 was the last version of the old shaky OS

    9.2 was and still is the best rock solid OS ever

    9.2 was the bridge into 10

    I feel almost like the last 10 yrs were a dream

    I remember all the HALO talk about the ipod

    I remember that it took 16 1/4 ers for the media to catch the fever

    anyway i await the server farm story next


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