Apple launches 'Support Profile' site to let users check warranty info

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Apple on Wednesday added a new feature to the Support section of its site, dubbed "My Support Profile," where users can track their repair and support activities, as well as check on the status of a warranty.

Users can log in to the new site at with their Apple ID and password. From there, all Apple products registered to the person's name are listed, and more can be added. It can even detect the serial number of a Mac being used to visit the site.

The site lets users initiate a support call with Apple, or set up a repair of a faulty device through AppleCare. It also offers the ability to add an AppleCare Protection Plan to hardware.

Products can be given a "nickname" to make them easier to identify, and information such as the device's serial number is available. On the site, users can also edit their personal contact information, and set up VoicePass or text message support preferences based on telephone number and time of day.

The site keeps a record of phone support calls, with a recommended list of potential fixes for the issue discussed. Users can also check the status of a repair that may be in progress, or view previous repairs or replacements of products.

The site also tracks repair activities that may have taken place in an Apple retail store, giving details of the user's request, the service administered, and confirmation that the product was returned.

Apple has steadily added new features to its website in the last year, including an option to compare Mac configurations. The company also launched an Express Lane service in September, making it easier for customers to get details on a product and get in contact with an Apple representative.


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    Wow I just checked my profile - all my products already there, very nice...... I'm lovin' it
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,471member
    Very nice, this should have been done a decade ago!
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    Nice Addition.
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    If only their support websites weren't so infuriatingly slow.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Removed a couple G1 AppleTVs and an old phone number, but the rest was up to date.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,471member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Removed a couple G1 AppleTVs and an old phone number, but the rest was up to date.

    All my recent stuff is. I tried adding old stuff I had for fun such as my two 60 gig iPod Colors but unless you know the purchase date it won't let you. So it is only for in warranty items I guess.
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    I started using this months ago.
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    I too started using this at least a month ago. It appears to have launched with express lane.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    I like the site and how you can see all your gear. I've got to register my recent items if possible, but one is refurbished and another is second hand so I'll have to see if I can register them.

    Also it's good how the list of products and service history is not just limited to US & Canada.

    Edit1: Seems to only have picked up my Australia but not Asia service cases.

    Edit2: Added the refurbished MacBook Alu 2ghz fine, but my iPad 32GB WiFi+3G has already been registered by the first owner (who only owned it for a few weeks).

    Added my few-month-old iPhone4 fine.

    It's like a personal inventory page!
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Also recently they redid the pages. I like the new design.

    I was able to go back and try out my AppleIDs. I have at least 9 AppleIDs (which include/is the same as iTunes Store IDs) accumulated through the years!
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