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    In 2011, I predict Verizon will sell 40% iphone vs 60% Android devices, absolute best case for Apple. As for ATT, 35/65 advantage to iphone. In fact, ATT's monthly sales ratio at the end of the year will start to balance out while Verizon will always be Android dominated. Apple may appear to be catching up during the first month of each iphone release, but will be overpowered the rest of the year. Anyone who thinks Verizon's apple/android ratio is going to match ATT's current ratio would be naive.

    Riight...you'll have to provide a citation that the iPhone is only 35% of AT&T smartphone sales. Seems a bit low to get to US market share for the iPhone unless AT&T is selling a lot more smartphones than Verizon which I doubt.


    Disclaimer: Long time Apple customer and ipod touch owner, but opted out of the ios ecosystem. Resistance began with DRM in itunes, proprietary cables/interfaces, locked down OS, and draconian app store.

    Ah...stuff that only free software geeks really care about. For you, Android is perfect.
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