Exclusive: Chinese supplier floating iPad 2 case with possible SD card and Mini DisplayPort



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    Originally Posted by lsd View Post

    With all the talk about the demise of the home button on the iPad 2, why isn't anyone mentioning that this case clearly has a place for the home button?

    Small steps... get us used to the gestures before we have to use them. Personally I hope the home button stays. For your resets and screen grabs it has other valuable purposes which can't be replicated in software as effectively.

    Originally Posted by Darkman View Post

    If this case is legit, they apparently opted not to include a flash on the rear camera module...

    No need for a flash. Any camera on the back of an iPad is for Augmented Reality or barcode scanning - just like with the iPod touch - it's not for photography.

    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    This latest set seems to put ports on every side of the device. Call me crazy but that doesn’t seem like something Apple would do.

    Having grown up with headphone port on the bottom of iDevices (iPod nano, iPod touch) the iPhone with earphones on the top and dock on the bottom seems odd to me still. I have to say that when lying in bed resting the device on your chest, having the earphone port on the top is the correct position.

    Surely if MiniDP makes an appearance it'd be on the "bottom", close to the dock base?

    Perhaps the presence of the MiniDP, if true and let's face it the evidence is sparse, means that actually the 'internal' screen will be the same resolution and actually the new @2x images that have turned up are for external use only. But then who has a spare 2048 x1536 display lying around...

    Still whatever gets released it's Apple getting all the headlines just as following CES we're all probably supposed to be talking about the amazing Android tablets we've seen demo'd :-)
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    Originally Posted by Gustav View Post

    Any business can have AirPlay for $99.

    And, I disagree that it would be great for impromptu presentations. I think it would be extremely cumbersome to have to hold a tablet with a big cable sticking out of it. How many people are using the VGA cable now to do this?

    What would be great for presentations is using an iPhone + AirPlay.

    What I need more than a way to physically connect the iPad to a projector, is a way to output the screen display of the iPad itself. I don't need to play YouTube during a meeting, I need to mirror the iPad display itself like Jobs does at Apple. I do a fair bit of enterprise type iPad training but it is impossible to demonstrate to a group of users without that feature. The irony is it is an iOS limitation. I'd love a display port output but without mirroring it does nothing for me.

    Not holding my breath...
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Mini-USB or Micro-USB? I think the EU ruling is for Micro-USB, but do digitial cameras come with Mini-USB cables, and aren?t those only the smaller USB on the camera?s end of the cable but USB-A on the computer end?

    PS: To muddle the waters even more, are we talking about A, B or AB?

    That kind of fragmentation belongs on the Android platform.

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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Excellent point. I did fail to account for the pins. DVI and DP use even more, if I remember correctly.

    PS: At some point they will have to transition to optical on these devices. It might be okay for 64GB for syncing data, but what happens when get to larger storage sizes. I?m hoping they will find some way to do a hybrid cooper and optical port like the kind propsed for USB-A with LightPeak optical built in.

    Good point. I was thinking LightPeak would be the reason for Apple abstaining from USB3.0 when they adopt drafts of other standards. Not sure about the position though.
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    I still don't get this obsession with ports/cables on mobile device. Portables, fine but the iPad/Pod/Phone are mobile, you can't use them well with cables sticking out.

    HDMI especially has no case, it makes no sense to leave the iPad beside the TV. More sense to have the iPad near you but you'd need a dock>HDMI connector with a 5m+ cable & booster - may as well get an ATV.

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