you know you post on AI too much if...



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    "Incredible how many things u can do in internet.. i pay the bills, shop, do the grocery, buy books and cds, work from home, i have hundereds of cyberfriends who i dont know... an unlimited access to everything!! a perfct feeling of liberty..!"

    "er.. is the kiosk (? small shop) below selling beer..?"

    "what kiosk?? i haven't got out of home for the last 8 months..."
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member

    "Open the mouth and say a"


    "no doubt.. u suffer an overdose of internet..."
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    [quote]Originally posted by Mulattabianca:

    <strong>Gee. You know you post too much here when...

    ... when you are so mac addicted.. that you find this desktop image exciting

    (it's just the Jaguar new release developer's version or whatever..)

    (if you are under 18 please don'r look on the picture)

    gee.. i am a god reason to post and hang here? dunno.. but my next bf HAS TO BE a mac user...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    If you hold out that long, I'm sure you'll eventually just want a bf, period.


    added comma, must watch grammar

    [ 08-07-2002: Message edited by: pyr3 ]</p>
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    When you have a conversation with someone through posts that are all 2-3mins apart from each other.

    See towards end of post <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>.
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