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    Originally Posted by zirconiawoods View Post

    it is easy to be banned in marcrumors

    Easy to be banned here, too. Just be a spammer.

    Is English not your native tongue? That would help explain your posts.
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    xil3 addresses a serious point: it is too easy to get banned, without appeal, and without the banners (those that do the banning) being held accountable. And you may not like it, but that, my friends, is textbook fascism.
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    instead of addressing her directly, maybe you should have linked evidence of her vitriol to a moderator instead?

    granted, that's how kindergarteners handle things due to their inability to handle interpersonal conflict... but it seems most adults havent grown up beyond that stage of human interaction, thus making "tattling" the only recourse available to anyone, much how she did to you.

    but then again, only you and her saw what you wrote to her privately. but no matter how anyone acts, there's no need to get emo and personal on a forum. two wrongs dont make a right, but she simply tattled on you first.
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    nizmoznizmoz Posts: 3member

    I actually just got banned after being on MacRumors for over 5 years.  It seems their mods are unfair and play favorites.  I got banned for the stupidest crap.  I said the word "fanboy" in my post as others do.  But I get selected and banned. After the ban is up, I reported others that were doing the same thing in the post as nothing was done to them, and nothing happened to them except next thing I know I got perm banned this time.  WTF!  That site has gone to crap so now I am here. :(

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by nizmoz View Post

    I said the word "fanboy" in my post as others do.


    We do that here, if it's used in a non-joking way against Apple fans. It only makes sense.


    If you were saying it about non-Apple users, however…

    That site has gone to crap…


    Agreed all around.

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    nizmoznizmoz Posts: 3member

    Actually all I said was something like this. 


    I am definitely not just a Apple Fanboy but have owned Android and iPhone devices.  I didn't call anyone that.  But nothing towards anyone just talking about myself.  


    Seriously, I see worse things being said there than fanboy.

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
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