First Verizon iPhone 4 delivered, Genius comes to mobile iTunes Store



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    Great, I'm glad to hear you had responded over there. I've never found the discourse reasonable enough to sign up for an account. Today definitely reinforced my opinion.

    Yeah, it is amazing to me the stuff these self righteous igmoh's will post - sometimes as part of an argument about how their choice of phone, tablet or computer is obviously the only way to go. NOT. I say go try to help save someone else (NOT) cause your juvenile comments mean nothing to me other than the fact that you really have nothing important to say and WAY TOO MUCH TIME. Get a hobby, chill and get a life - try to enjoy being here in this age without bashing someone for where they live, the fact that they might be healthier if they lost some weight, that they have a different accent than you and the fact that some of the video was sideways (so what, it didn't keep me from watching the guy enjoy opening his new phone). I am sure he will enjoy his new phone long after the sting of those bozo's moronic commentary wears off.

    The one thing I would have liked to see was the phone activated and working later. Or do Verizon customers still have to wait til the 10th to make them usable as a phone?

    P.S. This post is from a phatman in Texas who does not have the steadiest hands in the world and has even been known to take a picture without enough light or slightly out of focus - I hope you those guys on MacRumors can find it in their tiny little hearts to forgive me - cause it means so much too me what they think. LOL
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    On the linked YouTube page there's even a omment from someone calling it out as a fake

    I posted a video of my daughter and someone commented that it was fake. YouTube commenters are the lowest form of human pond-scum.
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