Briefly: iTunes Movie Store still on top; fake iPhones, iPods worth millions seized; Jobs' Jackling



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    Originally Posted by blamb327 View Post

    Shouldn't the title read, "...Jobs's mansion"

    I was under the impression s' was reserved for indicating plural possession. People always think that you use s' when the person's name ends in an "s", but that is a big mistake.

    It can be used that way if the person is really famous.

    ie: Jesus' disciples ... is ok to use; so Jobs' house is also ok since his name is so famous.

    At least I think that is what we determined in an earlier thread on the topic.
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    Originally Posted by cwfrederick View Post

    ...although it's been a while sine I completed my b.a. in art history, I can fully vouch for the butt-ugliness and historical worthlesness of the soon to be demolished house. and the plans for the replacement look amazing. get well steve!

    Agreed. This old house is as ugly and poorly laid out as I have seen. Mansion? No, it's just big, yet the inside seems cramped and dark. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's worth saving. That is, unless you're into celebrating examples of the worst architecture of the 20th century.

    The property deserves better and I'm sure Steve will see to that...
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    Originally Posted by Cpsro View Post

    Demolition of the Jackling mansion?


    I must watch that movie again.
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    I hope Steve is well soon and can have fun building his new home.
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    I like that pic of the counterfeit goods displayed. Why would someone make a fake 3rd gen iPod Nano?
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ... some... accuse Jobs of "demolition by neglect."

    Is that anything like "stupidity by lack of education"?

    WhoTF came up with a misnomer like that?

    Oh, my bad... it's the preservationists - for the good of humanity, right?

    WAIT!!!!!!!!!! maybe somebody REALLY famous took a crap there once...

    nuke it before the black mold spreads
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    Originally Posted by AIaddict View Post

    The thing was an ugly monstrosity the day it was built, and the last 80 years have done nothing to make it historic or in any way worth preserving. The real story here is how F'ed up the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia has become that people can sue you for over a decade to prevent you from rebuilding your own home. The losers in this case should have to pay Jobs and the city the full ammount of all legal and court expenses plus interest plus compensate Steve for the lack of use of his property for ten years, and finally trebble damages (3 times the sum of the other items).

    The east coast is actually more litigious. Not more f-ed up, but more litigious for sure. The weather is too good here for people to get hugely pissed off.

    Originally Posted by Stourque View Post

    Sold by eastern Europeans?

    Must be a London thing. Here, eastern Europeans are mostly math programmers. Being involved somewhat in that myself, I am fully sorted for Euro 2012 -- no shortage of friends in Kiev.
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