Verizon iPhone 4 launch healthy, not "blowout"



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    It's somewhat of an embarrassment for Verizon and slightly less so for Apple when sales pale in comparison to what AT&T has done. That's where the bar is set. All along, Verizon has been bragging about their network and were probably confident about stealing AT&T customers, but it doesn't appear that is happening. My guess would be that less than 0.5% of AT&T iphone users defected.

    Verizon has yet to announce any sales figures, which is a pretty sure sign of a disappointing launch. Still, it's their best launch ever which means it beat out the Droid X and could be considered 'a win'.

    What would you consider a successful launch? If Apple announces next week that they have sold a million Verizon iPhones, would that be a failure given the phone is already 8 months old?

    I think we will witness a slow, steady build in Verizon iPhones as people's contracts expire (especially those on Verizon who are not being given early updates).
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    dm3dm3 Posts: 153member
    Typically overly positive story from fair and balanced Dan.

    In my area checks, there were no lines. Employees at my local extremely busy Apple store said they had expected big crowds. They have all employees show up for work. They opened early. They asked folks with phones reserved to show up at noon.

    Instead, they said they had no lines. The employees twiddling their thumbs all morning.

    While I was in the store, no one was looking at any of the four Verizon phones, although some were being sold. There were tons of people in the store as usual, but more were looking at Macbook Airs, iPads, or there for the genius bar etc.

    I went to the close by corporate Verizon store and it was a similar story. Half the store dedicated to the iPhone. They had coffee setup outside for the line.

    Except there had been no line, and when I was there, there was practically no one in the store at all. And the people who were there seemed to barely notice the iPhone.

    Amazing how folks think that a big line shows great demand, but lack of a line shows great demand? Obviously because of something... maybe online orders. Ya. That must be it.
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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    Uh, it wasn't abnormal, it was logical. What the hell would Steve Jobs say on stage while introducing it? This is the iPhone 4 I revealed 8 months ago and.... it rus on Verizon!

    That doesn't sound like a presentation Jobs would make, or one that anyone wouldn't want to watch. They handled it exactly as they should.

    Uh, well I never said I disagreed with their actions, I was simply stating factually what I observed. I think they handled it well considering this is just an interim product.
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    Why would anyone have expected the same amount of interest as when the product was initially released? Obviously when the iPhone 5 comes out it will be released on both carriers as the same time and that is what will bring the lines around the corner to the Verizon stores.
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    I think the AT&T complaints were wildly overdrawn and a lot fewer AT&T customers are switching than predicted. Not to say that more people will move over to Verizon as their contracts expire or when the iPhone 5 comes out, but I don't know anyone who is switching just because the iPhone is now on Verizon. But I'm in Texas and AT&T service here is outstanding.
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