Apple's Steve Jobs reportedly seen at California's Stanford Cancer Center



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    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    No, you've spun what I said into what you'd like to believe I said, and managed to do it in an entirely nasty, profane and vindictive way. I stand by what I actually said, not your representation of it.

    Whatever. I quoted your entire posts, as written. No editing, no chopping, no twisting, just bolding of complete sentences. Care to clarify what you meant that they were only after him because he hasn't released enough info? What you meant by saying he could have prevented it? How many meanings can those assertions have?

    You very clear in what you wrote. There aren't really multiple alternative meanings available. You aren't being misrepresented by direct quotes. They are your quotes. Own them, edit them or retract them, but don't attack someone for replying to exactly what you wrote and repeated.
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