Apple details GSM, CDMA iPhone differences, AT&T CEO disparages App Store



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    Do we expect windows apps to run on the mac (baring extra software like parallels)? Why should we expect iOS apps to run on Android or vice versa?

    The problem with AT&T is that they think like a phone company, instead of a computer company. Nobody cared about the OS on phones until the iPhone. Now suddenly we care? What happened to caring back when every phone OS was incompatible with every other phone OS?

    Another translation: AT&T is pissed that people are downloading apps and other content from apple, rather then from them.
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    Originally Posted by lightknight View Post

    Well, though I agree 100% with you, I was more than happy to have the free version of Civilization V for the Mac when I purchased the Collector edition of the game for PC!

    However given the price of the game, which is no 0.99$ App, I expected that

    Yes, there are a few titles that do give you both versions, but it's not widespread nor an entitlement. Just because you purchase the Windows copy of Photoshop doesn't mean you get the Mac version free. It's the same for most, but not all titles.
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    I'm sorry, but the CEO of ATT telling me that I should have the right to buy an APP and take on ANY device? REALLY? When the "Edge" network came out and I bought Tetris on it, 6 years ago, I paid 4.99 for that app. I lost my phone, had to buy a new one, got the SAME EXACT PHONE....and guess....had to buy the APP again, for 4.99, not to mention ANY ringotone, or ANYTHING else that EDGE or Verizons "Get it now" service. Until the App Store, vesseled by iTunes, this is the first time I have EVER been able to get a new phone, and re-download ALL my apps, including the 50.00 tom tom app. Sorry Verizon/Att but you missed the boat locking us into YOUR stupid app stores that could not trasnfer ANYTHING! Let alone, even, the mention of taking an App downloaded from Edge, and using it on a verizon phone.....i honestly feel like this guy is trying to re-write history here.

    Att and Verizon are dumb pipes, Google and Apple and Microsoft are OS/software makers....What ATT and Verizon should be focused on is making the most attractive pipe to use. One with all kinds of choices of network speeds and plans so people that just want to check email and text can do that without a 30 data plan, (and 15 is a slap in the face too......Im talkin like 3 dollar plans and going all the way up 40 plans....) but that will never happen, instead ATT will tier its customers in A. 15 plan which will def incurr overages, or B. 2GB, which is still too much for the average user.....and nothing but overages for the power users! Gee, I wonder why everyone hates this company?
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    Originally Posted by noexpectations View Post

    Hmmm...if I recall from my history books, AT&T invented:

    -The first Digital Computer


    -UNIX, which is the foundation of MAC OS

    -Cellular Networks

    Seems Apple has also relied upon AT&T's accomplishments

    This are accomplishments of AT&T in the past. Today's AT&T is very different and with the way they are today they do come over as a dumb pipe trying to nickel and dime everything. Only AT&T can do anything about their image.
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